Thursday, 6 November 2014

Philippine Fail Blog

Omg I don’t believe this, the Philippine Fail blog has shut down!!!

To explain what this blog is, for those who don’t know, basically it’s a “therapy” blog for people who are frustrated w/ how Filipinos are.  Most of the readers & writers (since you can submit articles) are foreigners.  It’s an honest blog about the wrong behavior of Filipinos & Philippine society.  It’s a coping mechanism for a lot of it’s readers (so we don’t have to lose our temper living in the Philippines everyday).  So it is a HUGE LOSS for all it’s readers (at least that’s my opinion, like something died today :s). 
I am hoping one of it’s active readers will open a new & similar site.  I am hoping that FiloFail can at least open the blog so we can still enjoy the articles (w/c were submitted by the readers as well).  It’s a very sad day today.  I for one was helped a lot since I discovered this blog.  It helped in everyday anger management & road rage (driving around the Philippines).  Sad sad day L

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

FashionPulis Vs. Marian’s Enemies

Naloka ako, naokray na naman si Carla Abellana…lahat na lang ng kaaway ni Marian…haaaaay!
Well at least si Carla namimili ng tatarayan na fan, si Marian lahat ng fan binabastos hahaha!  Saka mas type ko itsura ni Carla, magkamukha sila ni Marian pero mas elegant version si Carla, matangkad pa at smart hehe.  Si Marian tuwing madadaanan ko ung katulong naming nanood ng show nya parating jologs magEnglish hahaha!  Kakahiya ang pronounciations nya :s Anyway, pareho naman silang laos at ‘di kumikita ang projects…

Carole & Aviva

Last night I saw an episode of The Real Housewives of NY & there was this rift between Carole Radziwill & Aviva Drescher.  I watched a couple of episodes before & they seemed to be nice people, real, w/o the drama, & seemed to be close to each other compared to the other housewives.  So last night I saw this episode where Aviva told Carole about her book deal.  Carole was so condescending telling Aviva she should have a ghostwriter & seemingly putting her down.  Aviva reacted classily asking if Carole had a ghostwriter when she did her book to w/c Carole took huge offense to.
On separate occasions:
Talked to other housewives saying Aviva is accusing her of having a ghostwriter for her book.  One of them was “talentless” Heather Thomson (I’m saying this because this is how she portrayed herself when she tried to handle the campaign for Sonja’s toaster, w/c Sonja, thankfully, saved herself) who, as expected, poured more fuel unto the fire (just her personality).
Talked to Ramona & told her about what actually happened (the real story) between her & Carole.  Aviva also revealed that Carole shopped her book before in Aviva’s publishing company & it was declined as it had to be overhauled 99% & that there is this person (that she identified) who was the ghostwriter for the actual book published.
Afterwards at Aviva’s Housewarming Party:
Carole confronted Aviva saying she’s spreading lies that she has a ghostwriter on her book (w/c I truly believe now).  Of course Aviva remained classy (seemed she really is, unlike Carole, w/ her insecurities & all).
My Conclusion:
I thought both Aviva & Carole are classy women, now I know I’m wrong 50%.  It just feels bad that someone extremely close to the Kennedy’s is like this in real life.  Seems to show the Kennedy’s are the same L
Anyway, looking at the show now, I now know why (I used to think) “boring” Carole is still there & Aviva was fired ;)