Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mamasapano Questions

So the news is all about the Mamasapano incident.  To be honest, I don’t know what my opinion is.  Because I don’t know what really happened.  So this is why there is a Senate hearing or something.  But seeing it on tv it seems there really isn’t any progress.  Seems that senators are doing the same old tricks --- politicking.  Siding on their political party (those for Administration blame the military, etc. just not the President or Roxas).  The “useless” Alan Peter Cayetano trying to “sound controversial” again putting the blame on individuals (luma na style mo…bulok na nga).

On the other hand, if I check out other printed articles it seems I have to side w/ the military.  They were uninformed beforehand.  They wanted & already started helping though they are being ignored.  While it seems other SAF men were lazy standing by (those not in the field, only as backup).  Why were the MILF not informed?  Was it because the police think they are protecting the terrorists?  Then why are we in peace talks w/ them?  Should we trust these men at all going forward?  Should we go for war instead?

I also don’t understand why the SAF itself is not blaming Napenas.  Heard he is still well-respected.  When it clearly seems he is most at fault.  Why is everyone blaming it on Pnoy?  I mean, really?  He could not be the one at most fault in this.

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