Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities

Check out this list of America's Most Hated Celebrities:

Ok just let me comment on each one of them.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

I really don't know why people would hate Gwyneth else they're jealous.  She's just so perfect & nice!

2. Kristen Stewart

Ok so why isn't she on the top?  After wrecking a home, having a stupid boyfriend...

3. Jennifer Lopez
I'm so glad she's here!  Now isn't this list real!  She's so annoying & laos!  AI promotional team did their very best to make it look like she's hot but she's long gone!  And fat!

4. John Mayer

Ok I don't know why people hate him just because he dates a what?  It's hollywood, you meet a lot of attractive people...I would do the same thing --- and I'm a girl!

5. Katherine Heigl

Now this is another personality that I don't know why people hate, so she said something bad about how her character in Knocked Up was portrayed but really, America has it all wrong!  The character is not shrewd...we girls should actually be more careful about choosing our mate to avoid ending up w/ douche guys!

6. Matt Lauer

Ok so I think this is because he has been ungrateful to his show/producers???  Anyone who has been ungrateful to his/her boss/company deserves this, really.  I don't care what you are feeling...suck it up!  It is a job & a company ok?

7. Madonna

I am indifferent towards Madonna.  I am tired of her charades & trying too hard to be controversial.

8. Justin Bieber

You were bad to Pacquaiao hahaha!

9. Anne Hathaway

Now I also don't know why people hate Anne now.  But I did use to kinda hate her 'coz she tries to portray this sweet innocent girl, getting away w/ everything like destroying one of the Oscar shows, somehow maintaining this sweet personality while doing shameful things on Love & Other Drugs, awwww!

10. Kris Jenner

11. Kim Kardashian

12. LeAnn Rimes

Why aren't you #1?  And are you really qualified as a celebrity?

13. Ashton Kutcher
He was trying too hard in Punk'd.  Plus he left the lovely Demi Moore when he started earning his own money & fame.

14. Jay Leno

I love Jay Leno, he's just doing this job & being nice to everyone.  That is why I think he still has the top-rated show, you don't have to listen to someone whine as much as Letterman does!

15. Angelina Jolie

Why aren't you leading the race?  We will never forget how you wrecked SEVERAL homes girl!  And how manipulative you are, how you keep using your babies to get publicity, how you keep creating publicity...and how you look like a granda now!

16. Lindsay Lohan

17. Shia LaBeouf

Why do people hate him?  Well I guess he's not appreciative of his luck in the industry getting involved in drugs/jail(?)  To think he's ugly yet he's considered hot!

18. Taylor Swift

I don't know she's just annoying I guess!

19. Jesse James

Whoa!  Why?

20. Chris Brown