Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Wong House

I just happened to browse through some celebrity homes & saw this home Scarjo & Ryan Reynolds had to give up when they separated.

Wow!  I would never wanna sell this house!

Monday, 30 July 2012

ABS-CBN: Pnoy is my boy

I am quite surprise w/ this article (http://www.spot.ph/the-feed/51613/malacaang-says-p-noys-tirade-during-abs-cbns-anniversary-party-wasnt-just-for-abs-cbn-it-was-meant-for-all-news-agencies).

Really?  ABS-CBN said something a slightly bit negative about their 'pet' Pnoy?  After their humongous efforts as PNoy's campaign manager in the last presidential elections???  Hard to believe.  I have no idea as I never tune in to that pathetic channel...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

It’s All About Mariah…

American Idol is realling banking on press-releases to gain more audience for their show.  After their failed attempt to ensure good ratings by press-releasing each & every move of J. Lo, now it’s all about Mariah Carey.  Mariah here, Mariah there, every little move of Mariah is being publicized.  I mean, she’s not as ‘laos’ as J. Lo but she’s not THAT big of a start either wherein we need to hear about her every move!  She’s not Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber you know!

So Sad for Robert…

I feel so so bad for Robert Pattinson after having read this article (http://www.imnotobsessed.com/2012/07/29/moving-truck-at-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewarts-home/).  It says he’s never been seen in public since.  Wow!  How hard is that???  Especially if you are that depressed, w/c I think he is (I’m not talking about clinical depression but the usual depression a normal human being would go through after this!).  Lucky for us ordinary human beings we can go out & let loose if we are burdened w/ something like this!  Wow! (quoting Liberty Ross).

I mean, I didn’t expect this relationship to last forever, they were so young!  But the conclusion was definitely a shock…kudos to Kristen…no other reality show could’ve done it better!!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summary of Hollywood for the Past 2 Days

The best summary on Hollywood's current events for the past couple of days...or hours!

And at the end of the day a wife is heartbroken and embarrassed that her husband was caught cheating with a 22 year-old girl, two big movie franchises are put in jeopardy and a chick who banked on her uniqueness turns out to be just another stupid girl.

From http://www.hollywoodbackwash.com/kristen-stewart-rupert-sanders-both-issue-public-apologies/

The Real Ange

I so disagree w/ this statement (from http://www.dramarama.ca/2012/07/poll-ywood-is-kim-kardashian-more-famous-than-angelina-jolie.html#more):

And even if Kim were more famous than Ange et. al, doesn’t she understand that she earned that tape by leaking a sex tape, and then opening up her private life for public consumption? I’m not going to claim that Angelina is most famous for being an actress since obviously that’s not the case, but at least the woman and her slightly less famous partner Brad Pitt (86,300,000) make an effort to keep their personal life private.

Can you IMAGINE if the Brange let cameras follow them around all day? At first it would be heaven on Earth, but would this sort of demystifying access eventually cause the entire intoxicating construct to crumble? I say yes.

Angelina is a manipulator & uses her kids to get attention.  She leaks to the press the date & time of her playtime w/ her kids, of her family's travels, so they can get caught on cam.  She's trying very hard to be in the current times.  Now she's saying Brad's marrying her???  As if!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kristen cheats on Rob w/ Married Man!

Wow! Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob! What a loser! I'm thinking this girl's gonna regret this for the rest of her life!

I so love this comment I read on one of the sites reporting this scandal...


Ugh I legit feel bad for her rn. Especially considering her husband is cheating on her with a woman who can't make more than one facial expression....

Really, she's the only down-side on that Snow White movie.  I am still waiting for her to get another role & see if she can act...

Girls Gone Fat

I am sorry but some people have really grown fat.  Just look at this latest pic of Julia Roberts.

And have you seen this post that everyone's been hating about?


Well it's true, Kate Upton has grown fat.  Who else could walk down the runway w/ these???

J. Lo is Laos...that's the truth!

I don't know why the American press is making it sound like J. Lo is too busy to be a judge on American Idol.  She didn't do a very good job on the show nor did the Aerosmith guy.  They can never replace Simon.  And the truth is she (& Steven) were fired.  Really, they did everything to pump up J. Lo's career but really, she's long been down the drain ok?  So let's stop pretending that she's a big thing to pump up the show's ratings!  She's not!  She's nothing...she was big before but that was a long long time ago...so where does American Idol go w/o Simon...nowhere...