Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Stupid Filipino Voters...

Best describes the Filipino voters...just check out who are in public office...

Trampire Wins!

Grabe I don't believe this poll!  Most people believe Rob should take Kristen back!

I know Kristen is the most stupid actor in Hollywood right now but Rob just might take her place!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Divine Transformation

Divine Lee & Negro

Sisihan ba si Karen Davila?

Basta ako naaalala ko pa ang interview nya w/ MTV noon na si Divine Lee ang nagmamamanage ng business nila kaya surprising talaga na hindi sya kasama.  Grabe ang kapal ng mukha ng pamilyang ito, mangiyak-ngiyak pa sya sa interview na hindi man lang daw nakatapos ng pag-aaral ang tatay nya at hindi raw sila galing sa buena familia like most of her friends, grabe ha!  Mukha namang carton lahat ng pinapagawa nyong bahay hehe!

Well quoting a previous post I have baka naman etong developer na ito lang ang hindi naglagay kay Binay kaya tinira ni negro!

Binay's Corruption

So this is obviously Binay's corruption (  I've been living in Makati for several years now so I know this as well.  Don't forget the never-ending pagsira at pagayos paulit-ulit ng mga kalye on side roads, isa pa yan sa pinagkakakitaan nila.  Sayang comments forum is closed but I want to ask how can we take Binay out of Makati or out of government?  During the last elections they are not allowing people in unless you are voting for Binay...

Kristen Stewart Shirts For Sale!!!

Jen Aniston Plays Snow White

Bwahahaha!!! Ain't this fairy tale closer to reality???

Robert's Lovenest

Seems like Robert Pattinson is looking into selling everything connected to Kristen including their 'lovenest' of course (  I can relate.  I bought a condo unit (& I'm the girl!) where my ex-boyfriend & I could live in but he left me (as in iniwan nya ko sa ere!).  I felt like he left me at the altar (though it's not that serious but it feels like that for me).  And all I wanted is to sell the unit, not even thinking about earning any income off it or renting it out.

Universal Channel Chinese Subtitles

There's this channel, I think it's Universal, that recently implemented Chinese subtitles on their annoying!!!  The bad thing is I like most of their shows but now I can't watch them 'coz I get dizzy when there are subtitles...haaaay! :s

MMDA is only a pest in this country...since Bayani left...

Saw this wonderful comment on this article -->

The MMDA are hypocrite

The MMDA are hypocrite
their boss MMDA Chairman Tolentino himself
threaten a barangay tanod and hit him captured on video as well (GMA).
check it at
Why does guys here did not react violently the way they did with Mr. Carabuena.
The think is, this might be considered abuse of authority or wrong because the guy is in power surrounded with a group of men.
He even took the tanods "batuta" and did not return it.
And now the same guy, the boss of MMDA is reprimanding Mr. Carabuena,
they are condemning Mr. Carabuena .
Of all people...
Why does Mr. carabuena getting punished while the MMDA got away with it?
That is because
it is more fun in the Philippines
only for people in power.
What argument will guys here can think of to defend the MMDA, both guys hit someone.
But the question is, what is worse?
An ordinary guy hitting MMDA or MMDA hitting a tanod ( a tanod legally carrying a baton in an area under their jurisdiction ).
The Filipino people reacted in social media condemning one but did not do anything with the other.
The entire Philippines is condemning Mr. Carabuenas is like the story in the Bible,
"those who did not commit anything wrong throw the 1st stone."
Yes he committed a mistake, but it is not a heinous crime, it is temporary insanity from road rage.
The guy deserves another chance,
he needs his license and permanently revoking it is unjust.
i mean, some drivers who caused accidents and death are able to retain their drivers license, and those are worse than what Mr. Carabuenas did.
He needs to be reprimanded but he deserves a second chance like all of us who all sinned and have short comings.
The MMDA chairman is not in the position of a higher moral ground to ask for the permanent revocation of this guys license as you can see in the video.
reprimand the guy but do not condemn him.
If any one here thinks otherwise, say your piece.
If this guy deserves a punishment like a murderer or a rapist, we should change the law of the Philippines to favor everyone in government.
Those in power are excused from prosecution and those who go against those in power will be punished like a murderer even for a petty offense.
At least Mr. Carabuenas apologized and admitted his mistake while the MMDA did not.
Between the two, Who then is worse?
Most MMDA and the Police select private citizens of the Philippines as targets of extortion from minor violation brought about by Public utility vehicles blocking most intersections in the metropolis.
Slowing the flow of traffic into a trickle.
Around 30 minutes of productive time are wasted of each Filipino going to work and going home on a daily basis.
They intentionally turn a blind eye on jeeps, buses, tricycles who commit repeated violations but become owl eyes when it is a private citizen motorist.
These are the reason of most traffic jams and road rage.
The Human density in Metro Manila is only 1/10 that of Hongkong, Tokyo, Seoul korea but the traffic here is 10 times worse.
This is because of the traffic managements in ability to control and apprehend public utility vehicles from blocking and constraining flow of traffic of intersections and roads by jeeps, buses, tricycles.
Instead of enabling 100 cars to pass for every traffic light cycle, only 10-15 cars does because of jeeps stopping right before and right after stoplights.
2 way roads becomes a 1 way street because of tricycles parking at every corner, making Billions of pesos worth of roads utterly useless.
Whats the solution?
Look at our neighboring country, They do no have jeeps and tricycles, and their buses do not stop where ever they want to, if they do something illegal, 95% of the time they will be apprehended and given a huge fine.
Our system does not work because traffic enforcer are being selective to the prejudice of private motorist.

***And that is why it's more fun in the Philippines folks.  But don't forget, these PUV's also pay bribes to traffic enforcers/MMDA to get away w/ their everyday traffic violations.  Some police officers even own these 'Filipino-Pride-PWEH!' jeepneys.  And who suffers again? the private vehicles because of the useless number-coding scheme, what a wonderful country to live in!

Carabuena is My Guy...

Everyone is angry w/ Carabuena.  Well, all I can say is, he's just human.  Maybe he just got in contact w/ the wrong MMDA officer because most of them deserve what Fabros got.  I find it so hypocritic & judgmental for Filipinos to target this guy.  Really, have you met an MMDA officer???  Don't you honestly want to do the same??? 

P.S. - why the hell was Fabros promoted?  Is that a ground for promotion???  If I were a colleague of Fabros I would've felt wronged in this case, really...getting a promotion for publicity purposes not because of performance???  How 'mababaw' Filipinos really are...

Monday, 27 August 2012

Heart...Ano ba talaga nakita mo kay Chiz?!

Sorry pero hindi ko talaga ma-gets ano ang nakita ni Heart kay Chiz.  Kahit nung 1st time kong nakarinig na may mga ordinaryong taong nagkaka-crush kay Chiz ay nashock ako, what is there to like?  Asan ang kagwapuhan na sinasabi nyo?  Katalinuhan???  Maybe not but kareklamadohan... at ipagpalit daw ba si Daniel Matsunaga?  Maybe kelangan na magsalamin ni Heart.  Hindi ko rin magets ang sinasabi na ayaw daw ng pamilya ni Heart kay Daniel dahil 'dukha' ito at mas gusto nila kay Chiz...really?  Kung ganon ay 'misfortune' palang maging mayaman at hindi ka pwede pumatol sa hindi kasing-yaman mo.  Mayaman ka na nga bakit kailangan mu pa pumatol sa matanda???  Ang ganda mu girl...sayang ka...

New Idol Judges...there's hope!

Well it seems like American Idol has gotten it right this time.  New judge list:  Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, & Keith Urban just seem to be right.  Only if they get rid now of Randy.  Now they have non-LaOceandeep judges.  About time to get back up after they lost Simon.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sky Cable = Goodbye ETC, Chase, 2nd Avenue, Diva, Talk TV...

Ok now I know bakit lumabo na uli ang Solar Entertainment channels sa Destiny Cable tv namin.  Dahil nabili na ng Sky ang Destiny.  So ngayon bias na naman sila at pinalabo na naman ang Solar Channels na yun lang naman ang pinapanood ko talaga, like ETC, Diva...haaaay.  Bakit kaya may perang pangbili ang mga Lopez?  Akala ko lugi na sila?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cheating in the Relationship...

Grabe ha I don't like this blind item -->

Si Christopher Roxas daw ang asawa ni Gladys Reyes ay nangangaliwa???  Ang kapal naman ng mukha nitong lalaking ito na never naman nagka-career!!!

Angelica & John Lloyd

Oh so si Angelica at John Lloyd na pala!  This is some good news!  Sorry if some are bitter about it but I am happy for Angelica na matagal ng niloloko ni Derek. 

The Bourne Legacy in Manila...

Ok so I finally saw the Bourne Legacy movie after much heavy rains here in the Philippines.  Before seeing it I've already heard from several people na pangit sya.  At better daw ung previous Bourne movies.  So I wasn't really expecting because the only Bourne movie I really liked was the last one (3rd one w/ Matt Damon).  I never really got what's to like w/ the past Bourne movies. 

Anyway so the movie started & we were all excited to see Manila in the movie.  It took very long & a lot of long & boring conversations.  This is what I heard from the others, there isn't much action & a lot of talk.  Finally during the latter part of the movie Manila came.  It was good, I should say, Manila was shown very well in the movie.  What I mean is the movie showed somewhat what Manila really is (though not really the good side).  It showed PAL (Philippine Airlines) from the start.  Then they took a cab going to the company site.  The cab they took was an ordinary city cab.  Not the one you would get from the airport w/c are yellow & costs much more.  Of course I know in reality they would not go out of their way to go out of the airport & hail an ordinary cab.  The cab name was also 'Bayanihan' w/c is one of the so-called traditional Filipino words w/c kinda means brotherhood or helping each other.  Depicted in the old times by several men carrying mobile homes, helping each other.  I don't know how else to explain that.  Anyway, the factory they went to had employees w/ really clean uniforms.  Like they're all brand new, hahaha!  Well, wait, before they got in they spoke to a security guard.  Who, in reality, is a less-known theatre actor.  He spoke English very well, with an American accent.  That is not reality in the Philippines, security guards would not be able to speak English that well!  It went on even inside the factory when the American boss was giving instructions.  And the security guards were very responsive, w/c is far from reality here, hahaha!  Btw, the security guards who went on the basement to interrogate Aaron do not look like Filipinos ha!  They look like Indonesian or something.  After they got out of the place, they rented a room in a squatters area, what?  There are rooms for rent in the squatters area???  Now I don't know if this is reality, I mean, these people don't even own the homes, they are 'squatting'!  Now this showed the ugly side of the Philippines.  Do not believe that normal Philippine homes look like these.  These are illegal settlers who made homes out of cartons or whatever materials they could find on lands they do not own.  And I didn't know you can buy meds at a place like that, or if that's even safe.  Anyway, it is the first action movie I have seen wherein the chase scene on the streets happened on extreme traffic.  Now this is reality, that is how the traffic situation is in Manila everyday.  But really, when they called the Philippine police they immediately responded??  In reality the movie would've ended & they haven't arrived yet.  The movie kinda showed very efficient policemen.  But I like that the police cars & their uniforms are exactly how it is right now in Manila (& I would say the same for the security guards' uniforms earlier).  Anyway, the last scene was shot in Palawan I guess.  It's a wonderful place in the Philippines, too bad it wasn't shown much. 

So is it a good movie??? No, coz nothing happened.  When the movie ended my boyfriend said, it's the end, and I'm like, no it's not, nothing has happened yet, guess what?  It was already the ending...shesh!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Personal Advice for Jen Aniston...

There's a rumor going around that our lovely girl Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux have split up.  How sad.  I so wanted to give her advise.  But realized that she knows more than I do.  I mean, she already walked down the aisle & I haven't.  The bad thing is she broke up w/ Brad when he cheated on her.  Sigh!  Well Jen if ever in this twisted world you would ever listen to me here are my advice:

1.  Be with a man who is your equal

I know you got hurt by the 'perfect' man.  But that isn't reason enough to date trash (John Mayer, Justin Theroux, this fat comedian in your 'The Break Up' movie).  It's not going to work no matter what you do.  You have to find another equal who is not a cheater.  You probably know that Gwyneth dumped Brad the minute he cheated on her.  So next time get an equal who is not a cheater & marry him!

2.  Don't fool yourself that you don't want to have a family & kids

Please, this is what every woman in this planet wants.  If I had known I wouldn't have been fooled by those feminists!  If they want to live a life of loneliness or denial then let them be!  Jen, if you really want to be happy & fulfilled then work to get this!

3.  Find the right man

When looking for a man remember to look for someone who is the type who will stay married w/ you no matter what.  You can see it in the man's personality.  You may not be 100% sure but really compare these men...

A No!  Most Athlete's/Players/Bad Boy Image/Unstable Personalities/Cheaters/Unconventionals
Yes!  Good Boy Types/Stable Personalities

*You may not find this man in Hollywood though but you are Jen Aniston!  You can get any guy you want!

List of Celebrity Homewreckers - Let's all Boycott Them!!!

Here's a list of celebrity "homewreckers" just to remind everyone not to patronize anything they do, be it movies, records, tv shows, etc..  Not believe in anything they do be it charities, interviews, these people can never be trusted!!!

1.  Kristen Stewart

We all know she did not only cheat on Rob but she wrecked the home of Rupert Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross & their 2 kids.  So if you are going to watch the next Twilight movie just watch it for free via the internet, don't bring in more money onto her pocket, she can't act anyway.

2.  Angelina Jolie

Do not ever forget that Angelina & Brad cheated on Jen Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  And she also ruined Billy Bob Thornton's marriage!  Angelina can't be trusted.  No matter what.  All her family pictures with her kids are staged.  All the news about this couple are just their own press releases.  Don't bother watching their movies it's all trash, they just like making them sound like Oscar-worthy, etc. but they are just crap.  This couple is going down the drain.

3.  LeAnn Rimes

I need not tell you not to patronize her because it's been decades since she had a real career.  Just stop patronizing his beau's tv shows ok?

4.  Tori Spelling

All her projects are just like Kardashian projects except that they are boring ok?

5.  Natalie Portman

Do not ever forget that the ugly man she just married was living w/ his girlfriend when they started their relationship during the Black Swan movie.  Besides she's boring & overrated!

6.  Claire Danes

In case you didn't know she met met Billy Crudup on the set of Stage Beauty and Billy ditched his girlfriend of eight years, Mary-Louise Parker, and Claire left her boyfriend of seven years, Ben Lee. And Mary-Louise was seven months pregnant at that time.  Then Claire cheated on Billy with Hugh Dancy.  Anyway why am I bothering when she already lost her career.

7.  Regine Velasquez

I used to like her songs & admire her voice but eversince she stole the monkey, Ogie Alcasid, from his very pretty Australian beauty queen wife & 2 kids, I stopped patronizing her.  Besides she has grown fat & also lost her career.

8.  Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is the other woman in Swizz Beatz marriage to Mashonda.  Their affair lasted for 1 and a half years & Alicia Keys got pregnant while Beatz was still married to Mashonda.  Anyway, she as well also has no career right now.  Hope it will forever stay that way...

9.  Abbie Cornish

She ruined Ryan Philippe & Reese Witherspoon's marriage even before she had a career.  So where she is now?  Nowhere, just getting fatter by the day...

Monday, 6 August 2012

Why It's Really More Fun in the Philippines...

I just saw this really stupid photo on FB.  Duh, do we need proof that buses cause traffic???  Everyone sees this everyday!  It's only our government officials who do not, weh?  All PUV's in the Philippines do this, be it buses, jeepneys, taxi's, tricycles, duh!  I think they should all be gone.  They should all be burned alive!!!

Kidding aside I am really at the end of my wits why our government cannot solve this very simple problem.  Why they can't implement loading/unloading zones, bus/jeepney stops, etc..  Well, we all know the police get bribes from these PUV's that's why they get away from all of this.  I like the comment about Bayani, yes he is the only one who has the balls to do the job (& probably Gordon) but because of politics he was taken out, thanks Pnoy!

If I Could Live my Life All Over Again...

If, though this is something that will never happen, I were given the chance to re-do or re-live my life what are the things I would do differently?

1.  I will not get my hair permed.

     When I was a kid I got my hair permed, twice!  After the 1st time it was fine, I got my healthy hair back, but after the 2nd one, shesh!  It was all destroyed, it was frizzy & unamanageable!  I wish I hadn't hated my completely perfect straight hair who would just get a little wave at the ends to perfectly fit my face, yay!

2.  I will not go to the derma.

     Everyone I know who goes to the derma are either (consistently pimply) or, if they have a clear face, their skin is like Michael Jackson's.  So when I was young & I get a couple of pimples I would be such a brat & ask my mum to bring me to the derma.  Shesh, my face was ruined.  I have pimple scars to show.  I wish I hadn't done this.  I have a derma friend but really, this is such a useless doctor.

3.  I will not use tawas.

     Well maybe I was a good kid this time & I listened to my grandma who told me I should use tawas.  Too bad it wounded my underams & it went dark.   Haaaay!

4.  I will enroll in a better course in college.

     I took up Business Management.  My parents practically forced me to take up Accounting but I shifted later on to their dismay.  But I'm still very lucky they did not allow me to take Masscom or else, baka patay-gutom ako ngayon.  Wala naman talaga masyado effect saken ngayon coz I have a successful career but if I'd known better I would've taken a more useful course like Accounting or Engineering.  Ngayon alam ko na gaano kadali mag-aral compared sa pagttrabaho.  If I had only used a little of my time & effort to take my studies seriously it could've jumpstarted my career early on.  Well, over-all, I could've taken my studies more seriously.

5.  I would prioritize getting married & having kids

     Needless to say I am already 32 and still single.  Being financially stable for a long time & a woman, I don't really find any use to it.  If I had known I would've lived my life the other way around

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I totally agree w/ these posts:

Ang squatters nga naman ay salot ng lipunan.  Hindi lang sila salot ng nagmamay-ari ng lupang inaangkin nila.  Palibhasa hindi nila alam gaano kahirap magtrabaho, kumilos, at kumita ng pera makabili ka lang ng kakarampot na lupa, tapos inaangkin pa nila...ang kakapal!!!  Mga salot ng lipunan.  Isa pang salot tong si Herbert Bautista, pweh! 

Wag Sisihin ang iba kung kasalanan ng tao ang nangyari sa kanya...

Kudos to the writer of this article:

Nicely written & has a point.

Although I would say San Beda & other schools have to be blamed too.  They all know frats exist & it causes death so why not implement a strict policy on that???  Penalize all these frat members, make it impossible for them to exist.

Kristen is Happier w/ Rupert

I am sorry Rob but I just saw clear & huge pix of your ex-girlfriend w/ Rupert & I think she's happier w/ him.  I have never seen him look this happy w/ you.  I don't want to admit it but they look in love.  Doesn't look like a sexual affair to me.

Here's a link to all the lovely pics...