Friday, 19 October 2012

FP DLSU Prof!!! :s

Hay nako I've been reading Fashion Pulis in awhile & have heard that the blogger is a prof in La Salle na di ko naman mapani-paniwalaan dahil sa mali-maling grammar one post after another.  Today naloka na talaga ako sa post nya teh!

I tried to google about it kahit tinatamad ako nakakaloka talaga!

Nakakahiya talaga being a grad of La Salle myself!!!  'Di ko kinaya teh! 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kristen Stewart's New Target: Justin Theroux

Check out this story:

Yay!  I don't even know if Perez is credible.  Ain't this gonna make Kristen even more hated by the public.  Everyone's celebrating Aniston's engagement & now this???

Tumblr Challenge #2: 5 things you want to do before you die

Ok now I'm on Tumblr Challenge #2...

  • 5 things you want to do before you die.

  • 1.  Get married

    Of course I want to get married.  I am saying this now because I have found the man I want to marry.  It's ironic now I can't even imagine why I never wanted to get married before.  I was in an 8-year relationship & I didn't want to marry my ex. 

    2.  Have kids.

    Ok I NEVER wanted kids before but now that I've met someone I want to marry & have babies w/ hahaha!  So this is definitely something I'd want to do before I die...

    3.  Buy a huge & beautiful house that is not that far from civilization

    This is something I would want to do before I die together w/ my husband.  I want it to be huge, not a condo unit.  I want it to have nice interiors done by an interior designer.  And I want it near not in Laguna or Antipolo & not even in Alabang or in Sucat.  Maybe in Taguig, Pasig, if we can afford, in Makati?

    4.  Have a successful business.

    I haven't even started yet but I want to have a successful & stable business.

    5.  Become a general manager.

    Yes I want to be the president of a multi-national company here in the Philippines.

    Tumblr Challenge 1: 5 Songs on Ipod

  • Put your ipod on shuffle and write something about the first five songs that play.

  • Ok so here's my Tumblr Challenge #1.  Since I don't have my ipod w/ me right now but I still feel like writing I will just try to remember the 1st 5 songs on the latest playlist I created...

    1.  Payphone by Jayesslee

    Yes I'm not so into the Maroon 5 original but when I heard this wow...they are also cute on the video (not sure if there are many...I only saw one).  It's through this song that I discovered this duo. 

    2.  Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat

    This is a good song after the Payphone acoustic version.

    3.  Brighter than the Sun by Katharine Mcphee (Smash)

    Ok I must admit it was through this song that I learned about Colbie's song in the 1st place.  I saw this video as commercial for Smash & I loved it. 

    4.  Starships by Mike Tompkins & Pitch Perfect Cast

    Ok I'm not sure if this is really the next song on my playlist but it seems to be.  I learned about this version by watching one Hollywood Showbiz News show (forgot w/c one).  And I must admit I learned to love Mike Tompkins' songs thereafter.

    5.  We Are Young by Fun

    Ok I also learned about the title of this song while surfing in relation to above about Mike Tompkins.  He has his own version w/c I also have on my playlist.  But I think Fun's version is the next song on mine.  I have heard the song before but it was only recently that I learned what the title is.  The song makes me really happy because of the tune though the lyrics are somewhat negative.

    Ok challenge 1 completed!  Kinda... :)

    Tumblr Challenge

    I've read this somewhere in Tumblr, something called the Tumblr Challenge...well basically the challenge is to blog about all of below topics...
    • Put your ipod on shuffle and write something about the first five songs that play.
    • 5 things you want to do before you die.
    • 5 ways to win your heart.
    • 5 what if’s.
    • 5 things you want to say to the teenage version of you.
    • 5 of your most treasured possessions.
    • 5 places you’ve been to.
    • 5 times you’ve cried
    • 5 celebrity crushes
    • 5 dreams/goals
    • 5 weird things about yourself.
    • 5 friends
    • 5 quotes you live by
    • 5 things you want to say to an ex.
    • 5 phrases you want to be said to you.
    • 5 fears.
    • 5 things you dislike about yourself
    • 5 things you like about yourself
    • 5 things that make you happy
    • 5 people you want to trade lives with
    • 5 books you love
    • 5 movies you love
    • 5 places you’d like to travel to someday
    • 5 song lyrics you can relate to
    • 5 important things you’ve learned so far
    • 5 people you miss
    • 5 memories
    • 5 things you want for Christmas
    • 5 things you are thankful for 
    • 5 reasons why

    Tuesday, 16 October 2012

    Romney Won the 2nd Debate

    Ok so I'm bored again & browsing the net, good thing I opened this new good site I found ( & saw a headline on the 2nd presidential debate in the US.  I was kinda waiting for this.  I don't like watching videos much so I googled transcripts just so I can read a 'fair' news/info.  Unfortunately the links to the transcripts took very long to open so I just googled '2nd presidential debate.'  I was scrolling down & can only find one CREDIBLE here it goes:

    As I was reading through the article I was kinda wondering why NOTHING was mentioned about Romney & it was ALL ABOUT OBAMA.  Afterwards, reading the comments, probably 90+% gave the same opinion, Romney WON the debate.  The article was so BIAS.  We should turn to Fox news...

    The Americans' eyes are wide open.  They are not as vapid as Filipinos.  Obama was able to FOOL them for a couple of years but seems like it's gonna be OVER soon.  Let's see, I don't know what will be good for the Philippines & Filipinos anyway...

    Brad Pitt's Mom Loves Jen!

    Ok it's been awhile since I last posted.  I guess coz I've been surprisingly happy lately I didn't want to rant hehehe...anyway there's this news I just read & I'm wondering if it's true...

    I can't find any other credible media outlet online that reported it.  Probably just Yahoo Canada but they quoted it as something coming from the UK Sun...

    Anyway if this is true then wouldn't it be nice.  I don't know Jen personally but she seems to be the kind of gal a mother-in-law would love...even up to this day.  I don't see myself as that type of girl although I LOOK like one.  I've never been the type na 'machika' or 'maeffort makisama.'  Deadma lang ako and I don't like doing things w/o a clear purpose hehehe...that is why I'm surprised it seems that my bf's mom likes me.  The last time we talked she gave me advise about coping w/ my bf's constant 'business' (as I've mentioned before he is an MD).  She said she was like me before always getting disappointed pag d natutuloy ang lakad or laging late ang bf ko but she got used to it.  She said if I want our relationship to last I should try to understand his situation more, galeng diba?  Wala lang :P

    Monday, 8 October 2012

    Bawal nang Mag-Isip...

    Ok so I still can't get over the new CyberCrime Law in the Philippines.  I kept thinking about the posts/comments w/c are now considered libel & criminal.  Here are some examples:

    1.  Epal Watch - it is libel because it defames the politicians/gov't officials who are subjects of the pictures/comments, so if you are an ordinary person like me, STOP commenting how epal these politicians are, this is no matter if PNoy himself have instructed these politicians to remove their EPAL posters, PNoy did not mention it is right for netizens to criticize them...

    2.  Kotong Watch - it is libel because it defames the traffic enforcers & MMDA officials & the PNP, it defames them when ordinary people expose their 'pangongotong', so everyone please stop reporting all the 'kotong' incidents you have encountered on websites/comments, this is libelous now in the new martial law

    3.  Sample FB Posts

         Bwisit na Meralco ito walong oras ng walang ilaw sa amin! - this is libelous, you are defaming Meralco, please do not say anything BAD about anyone or any institution ok?

         Hay nako wala na namang signal ang Globe! - this is libelous because you are destroying Globe's reputation

         Hay bwisit ung pulis kanina sa XXX hinuli ako wala naman akong ginawa...manghihingi lang pala ng pangmeryenda - this is again libelous please do not say ANYTHING NEGA about anyone ok?

         Ay grabe si PNoy binayaran ung bail ng bago nyang appointed na Comelec commissioner! - need I say more?

    4.  Sample Comments

         Article of Tulfo about perfectly fine roads being reconstructed in the province so 'officials' can get their kickback, comment on article:  Sir Tulfo ganyan din po dito sa barangay namin sa Makati, may nakapastel pa nga na mukha ni Binay eh, paulit-ulit lang din ang pagsira at pagreconstruct ng mga kalye - teh gusto mu makulong?

         Article about supposed plagiarism of Tito Sotto, comment on article:  Anu ba yang senador na yan nakakahiya!  Parang walang pinag-aralan - eh kaya nga ininsert ang libel prov diba?

         Article against CyberCrime Law, comment on article:  Ano bang mga senador yan ung RH bill hindi maipasa-pasa tapos ito biglang iaaprove parang mga di lang nagiisip - teh ikaw ang bawal na magisip starting today ok?

    CyberCrime Law...More Info...

    I saw this post:

    For those who are saying that Sen. Sotto deliberately inserted the internet libel to avoid online criticisms.

    HERE are the facts:

    1. The senate journal would clearly show that Sen. Sotto’s proposal to include libel in the cybercrime law was made prior to his turno-en-contra speech on the RH bill.

    2. During the period of interpellation, Sen. Sotto asked Sen. Angara if libel is included in the proposed Cybercrime bill. The senate journal dated December 12, 2011 would confirm that Sen. Angara’s response was in the affirmative. Meaning, even without the individual amendment of Sen. Sotto, internet libel was already included in the proposed bill.

    (“Asked by Senator Sotto if the bill also addresses internet libel or internet defamation, Senator Angara stated that the bill includes it as a crime, an actionable offense, because one can be defamed through Twitter or social media”. source: Senate Journal Dec. 12, 2011)

    3. The same senate journal would also prove that Sen. Sotto’s rationale for asking the inclusion of internet libel does not have anything to do with his personal experience on cyber bullying which happened only in August and September of 2012.

    (“Referring to the case of actress Rhian Ramos, who claimed that someone maliciously distributed information about her through the You Tube, Senator Angara believed that it is an actionable offense under the bill and the PNP and NBI would monitor and investigate it”. Source: Senate Journal Dec. 12, 2011)

    4. It can also be noted that not even a single senator then present stood up to question the inclusion of internet libel. Not even Sen. Escudero and Sen. Pia Cayetano who were then present objected thereto.

    5. During the period of individual amendment, Sen. Sotto proposed to provide the wordings for the crime of internet libel in the bill which Sen. Angara accepted. Again, no objection was made by any Senators then present. Among those who were present were Sen. Pia Cayetano and Sen. Escudero.

    6. The inclusion of libel, as manifested by the senate journal dated January 24, 2012 was made to address the numerous abuses in technology, particularly the malicious video and photo uploading and unnecessary and libelous write-ups and comments in social networking sites.

    7. The inclusion of internet libel was not hastily made. It was not a “midnight” insertion. It went through the appropriate parliamentary procedure. It was discussed during the period of debates.

    I don't know coz as per my googling this lawyer seems to be part of Tito Sotto's staff.  Plus I appreciate Chiz & Pia now that they have admitted to their mistake & working towards revising the libel provision.  It's also now that I learned that Pia is actively addressing the 'people's' concerns through her twitter account.  Thumbs up to her that we have someone we can actually reach when we have concerns about the country.  Plus several official media outlets report that Tito Sotto himself admitted he was responsible for inserting the libel provision on this law (I also remember reading somewhere that there were 2 senators who inserted this provision, not just Sotto, I'm so curious who the other one is). 

    Sunday, 7 October 2012

    What's In My Bag --- A Wholesome Post

    Ok since a lot of people have actually written articles or have done segments on tv that goes something like "what's in bag" I thought I'd do one myself.  I will actually literally open my bag now & see what's in there, hehe!  Ok, let's start w/ the things I have taken out of my bag already:

    1.  Organizer Notebook

    Yes, I have this organizer notebook, I don't use my phone or some other gadget because I honestly believe that technology causes my vertigo...somehow hahaha!  So I'd rather write down here everything that I need to do as well as daily reminders to myself, accounting of daily cash, etc..

    2.  Eyeglasses

    Yes I wear glasses when I need to, like when I use the tv, etc..  I was told by the doctor it's not really needed since the grade is really low but again, I get dizzy if I don't use it.

    3.  Fan

    Yes I have a fan in my bag.  You'll never know when it's too hot...and I don't want to trigger my allergies...

    4.  Pen

    Yes I have a pen.  If I remember something I make sure I write it down on my organizer...well this doesn't happen often...I remember a lot of things but am too lazy to write them down hehe!

    5.  Transponder

    Yes I have a parking slot so I have to have my transponder...

    6.  Facial tissue

    I am always ready if I have to do a #2.  I had constipation before & I am not stopping myself if I have to do it anywhere, besides, it's good for emergency purposes.  Plus I make use of it a lot of times if the toilet bowl is dirty, no need to buy a toilet seat paper...

    7.  Wet tissue

    Of course if I have to do a #2 I have to have this to clean myself up hehe!

    8.  Wallet

    No need to explain that

    9.  Powder/Foundation/Makeup

    Depends on what I decided I needed for the day for retouch.  Minimum is at least bring my baby powder :)

    10.  Hanky

    Yes I still use a hanky or maybe I don't really use it that much, I dunno but I still have them everyday :)

    11.  Phone

    Of course I have my phone...

    12.  Medicine kit

    Yes I have a small medicine kit or box or whatever that is.  Inside I have biogesic, nexium & dulcolax hehehe!

    13.  Comb

    Of course!

    14.  Medicines that I need

    Ok right now I'm taking meds for acid reflux till this gets completely fixed

    Well that is all I have in my bag, aren't I a simple lady...

    So this is how blogging will be since the Cyber Law...

    Cellphone Covered by New CyberCrime Law?

    Wow!  So even cellphones are covered by the new CyberCrime Law?—-solon

    “This means if I text my friends that a certain candidate is a ‘cheap, second-rate, trying hard copycat,’ that person can haul me to court for violating the Cybercrime law and have me locked up for 10 years,” he said.

    “True, the case may eventually be dismissed but the mere possibility that one can be charged for online libel is enough to silence ordinary people and stop them from expressing critical ideas,” CasiƱo added.

    Friday, 5 October 2012

    Cybercrime Law on Tumbler

    Wow, seems like all the posts on tumbler re the Cybercrime Law are witty or wittingly funny...

    Enjoy the read...

    Philippine Cybercrime Law News now global...

    It seems like the global media has already catched up on the latest news on Philippine shores.  Check out below links.

    CNN's report has a major mistake saying the law was postponed pending a restraining order. 

    Good news is that we weren't depicted as laughingstock of the world w/ this new law.  The global media still found the KFC cheese top burger still more laughable (this is still, apparently, being sold).

    Thursday, 4 October 2012

    Nicole Scherzinger...I hope I spelled that right...

    Check out this article w/c I think is already so passe...

    Ok this is no surprise, we know the others are just back up singers, or just dancers even.  But here's more:

    "I hope I don't get in trouble for the stuff that I say," Scherzinger says, "but I'll never forget I finished the album, PCD, and Ron and I brought the girls into the studio and we played it for them. It was the first time they'd ever heard the music."
    "Do you understand what I'm saying? We played the album for the Pussycat Dolls," she says. "It was the first time they'd ever heard the songs."

    I don't think Nicole is gonna get into any trouble because she just said what the whole world already knows...and she said it a decade after the another PCD girl might react just because she has no career anymore & wants to get some fame of her own...But what Nicole said was also surprising, it's like, she recorded the entire album herself & then after, it was played for the rest of the dolls hahaha.  Glad she didn't complain before...well, she got all the attention & carried the PCD name on her own anyway :)

    Bieber's Mom wants SOME Publicity of Her Own...

    Sorry my reaction is delayed but after reading about Justin Bieber's mom dating the host of the Bachelor I have to finally ask this out loud "Why does Justin Biber's mom HAVE to write a tell-all book???"

    Justin Bieber is STILL at the height of his career.  Was his mom THIS SELFISH that she also wants some ATTENTION for herself??? 

    Most People would support the Rihanna-Chris Brown 'Balikan'

    Saw this poll on US Magazine's website...

    To be honest...and I'm not trying to be a good role model here, I didn't know if I would say yes or no but I'm really surprised to see the results.  Most people would support this reunion!  Honestly I thought Rihanna & Chris were the 'it' couple back then.  They both have really successful careers & both are really talented.  They were 'perfect' for each other.  And after what happened, to be honest, I had so much compassion for Brown.  He was my crush.  I didn't think (was I thinking?) he deserved to be treated that way & lose his career because of that (oh maybe I wasn't thinking!).  But until now I don't know.  Well, good for me, when my 1st boyfried beat me up, my feelings for him suddenly went away big time.  After that I didn't feel comfortable being hugged or touched by him so the relationship went downhill...which was good for me...I'm just so lucky I have THAT kind of reaction when someone beats me up!

    Wednesday, 3 October 2012

    Tito Sotto...Lol!

    Bwahahahaha!  Tito Sotto is moving to scrap the libel provisions on the CyberCrime Law para daw pde na rin sya makipagmurahan sa mga critics nya...hahaha!  Only in the Philippines!!!

    Kidding aside, I remember a friend who mentioned that right after Tito Sotto lost in an election years ago he bought an Audi the very next day & he looked very happy.  This friend mentioned that some people file for candidacy just to 'earn' from campaign donations...

    Chiz Signs w/o Reading!

    Naloka ako, sorry daw sabi ni Chiz, namiss daw nya ung libel clause sa Cyber Martial Law...

    Tuesday, 2 October 2012

    Walang Kwentang Balita

    Isang walang kwentang balita (***click to enlarge***)...

    Yes, yan na po ang entire article...ang galing ng sumulat...walang kaeffort-effort!

    Monday, 1 October 2012

    Cybercrime Martial Law - It's More Fun in the Philippines

    Please remember these Philippine Senators who voted to pass the Cybercrime Martial Law (***Click to Enlarge***).