Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What If's

5 What If's:

1.  What If I ended up marrying my 2nd bf?

2.  What If I ended up taking Accountancy?

3.  What If I had gotten pregnant in college?

4.  What If I had met a friend's uncle 1st?

5.  What If I never went to the derma?

Ok so thinking of 5 What If's these are the 5 that came to my mind, now the rest of the article...

What If I ended up marrying my 2nd bf?

Ok I was young then & all I wanted was love.  For some reason I was not satisfied.  I can clearly enumate then the 3 reasons why I got turned off & decided he is not the one.  Now I can barely even remember.  Ok he has his bad traits.  He was too physically or sexually agressive.  I don't know what the right term is but he was going too far too fast.  I was still trying to act like I was a virgin.  'Coz he was the type of guy who would want a virgin, at least that's his image.  I don't really know what went wrong.  Things happened so fast.  Sinagot ko sya agad...w/c I do naman w/ all of my bf's.  But I guess we really didn't know each other very well & wanted the complete opposite of who we really were at that time.  He wanted a naive, innocent, mayumi, simple, submissive, & conservative girl w/c I am totally not.  And I didn't know what I wanted.  All I wanted was to get over my ex.  Things immediately began to go sour from the start.  I hated that he wanted to balance his time between me & his friends.  I wanted us to be together ALL THE TIME.  I saw the bad boy side of him when he was pressuring me in doing more than I wanted to physically/sexually.  I can't remember what else I didn't like but I ended up resolving he is not the one...but that I'm not breaking up w/ him because I don't want to see myself crawling back to my ex who has physically assaulted me :s  So I stayed w/o any emotion till he grew tired & grew out of love.  Now why was I looking back now?  Because for society he is the perfect man.  Good looks, successful career, stable financially.  If I had met him now would I have held on?  If I was looking for a husband not just someone to fall in love with would I have held on?  I don't know honestly...

What If I ended up taking Accountancy?

Ok I did not take up accountancy but have been in that field all throughout my life.  Ok I should be honest, I probably am missing out on a LOT of job opportunities, maybe, because I am not an accounting graduate although I have been successful on this field.  Would I have been in a higher position now had I taken up Accountancy?  Probably not.

What If I had gotten pregnant in college?

Ok what if my perv 1st bf had gotten me pregnant in college?  What would my life be right now?  Ok it's icky to imagine having a child w/ him but am I really better off now childless still at 32? 

What If I had met a friend's uncle 1st?

Ok so I have this friend who was so keen on introducing me to her uncle.  She's one hell of a pretty & rich girl & her uncle is already pretty stable.  Because of my so-called RULES I didn't want to meet him on my own or even give out my #.  And now he's met someone & has proposed, all in a couple of months!  I should've been that girl!

What If I never went to the derma?

Ok then I wouldn't have all these scars on my face!

What If the World Will End Next Month?

Ok so let's have fun.  It's been awhile since I last posted here.  So I just thought...what if the world is ending next month?  What are the things I will be doing?

1.  Stay w/ my bf. 

I'll probably enjoy the rest of my time w/ him.  Lately I've been having 2nd thoughts about him (how he handles his money).  But if the world is ending I couldn't care less.  I wouldn't be afraid of ending up w/ him & supporting him the rest of my life.  I'll just enjoy the rest of my days with him.

2.  Enjoy time w/ family & relatives.

My family/relatives are coming home this Christmas.  If they all arrive in time before the apocalypse(?!) then I would make the most of my time w/ them.  Endless buffets & touring around malls in Manila, eating a lot, that would be fun!  It's fun to finally spend the holidays not being alone!

3.  I would resign.

If I could just get assurance that the world is ending next month then I would immediately resign (probably go on AWOL, what's the point of rendering 1 month notice if the world is ending already!).  Finally I wouldn't have to deal w/ all those little devils I'm supposed to be managing w/ heads bigger than most universes!  I wouldn't have to be plastic & near-vomit trying to be 'nice' to all these stupid & immature staffers!  Shesh!  If only I could earn as much w/o having to manage people!

4.  I would go shopping everyday.

The hell w/ savings!  I would spend all of my money enjoying them!

5.  I would go anywhere I've never been to.

I probably would stay in the Philippines since I don't have much time & wouldn't want to be away from my loved ones but I would go to different places everyday, what an experience that would be!

So probably it would be really nice if we REALLY KNEW when the world would end then we could ALL make the most of our remaining days!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

All Pyramids are Scams


Politicians among 15,000 Pinoys duped in Aman Futures pyramid scam

Published: Nov 15, 2012 - 12:37pm
Budget Secretary Florencio Abad has confirmed that some politicians also fell victim to a pyramid scam that duped thousands of Filipinos with a promise to double their money.

Kathleen Martin of reports Abad said politicians could be held liable if it is found that they used their local government unit's share of taxes to invest in Aman Futures. Abad said the Internal Revenue Allotments for LGUs should not be used for investments. "Hindi pwedeng ilaro sa money market. Bawal na bawal po yan," the report quotes him as saying.

"Without mentioning names, merong mga naglagay. Pinag-aaralan pa nga baka merong nangapital pero wala hong kaduda-duda na merong naglagay," Abad said in a radio interview over DZMM. The Department of Justice, National Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Interior and Local Government are investigating Aman Futures, a trading firm that allegedly defrauded low-income investors of up to P12 billion.

I remember when I was being recruited for "Usana" that it was mentioned that there was this mayor who (because he's mayor) purchases Usana products consistently every month (using public funds of course) but distributes the said products to his constituents.  I don't know if that is illegal, obviously the mayor was a 'recruiter' for Usana.  I also think Usana is a scam :s

Rappler News FAIL!

I bet the Rappler.Com employee who posted this has not even read the article.  Why else would they put a title that is different from the article???

Probably why most people voted "annoyed" w/ this report...

Friday, 9 November 2012

6 Things People Who Never Got Promoted Will Never Know

Ok I have been addicted to & was inspired to write my own article.  However, it turned out to be too serious to be on a comedy site.  Yet I find it really useful.  Knowing that not many people read my blog anyhow I don't feel 'selfish' enough not to post it here.  You see, these tools are very 'useful' to go up and further your career.  These are things I have learned through the years & every other manager probably already knows by heart but cannot say directly to his/her staff.  So here it goes...

6 Things People Who Never Got Promoted Will Never Know:

  1. Go against your boss & you’re doomed no matter what

Staff-level employees who have mastered their ‘technical’ work often feel they know more than their bosses.  After years of pressing the same buttons at work they feel like they are geniuses in their own right.  They feel they have earned the right to know what should be done to run the company themselves.  They feel they have earned the right to disrespect their boss because they are stupid enough to think that what they know is enough to run the company.  Less do they know that 99% of the info are confined to management.  Attend a management meeting or two & you will not see a ‘smart alec’ talking offensively against the president of the company (at least not to his face).

  1. It is harder to be a boss than to be a staff

Many staff-level employees who never get promoted feel that their ‘technical job’ is harder than anything in the world & envies their boss who ‘does nothing’ but gets paid the big bucks.  Ask anyone who’s managing people if they are willing to do staff work instead as long as it’s the same pay & 99% would feel like they’ve won the lottery.

  1. You should not be proud that you have offended someone, you should be ashamed that you do not know right from wrong

Your boss cannot entrust you to handle people if you treat every relationship at work with contempt.  You can forever tell yourself that you are just being you and that you think it is but right to voice out your opinions (and disrespect other people in the process).  You cannot manage people if you do not know the right & wrong way if interacting with them.

4.  They have attitude problems

Most of employees who get stuck to their job level have ‘attitude problems.’  This is the very reason they never get promoted.  You see, an employee who commits errors can be coached to improve, an employee who thinks that he’s perfect will refuse to improve for the very reason he thinks he’s already perfect.  And no matter how many times their superior tells them this, from one company to another, they never listen.

  1. Their boss would fire them in a second given the chance (HR probably feels the same)

If not for the Labor code you probably wouldn’t have stayed long enough to warm your seat in every company who has mistakenly hired you. 

  1. Your boss is not satisfied with your performance

Managers are trained how to say things in a nice way so even if you’re a complete idiot, psychotic, or the worst human being in the world you end every one-on-one session feeling like you have some kind of value.  That is just how things are played.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Republican Vs. Democrat

Ok so since Obama winning again has been really mind-boggling to me I tried to surf more WHY AMERICA CHOSE HIM.  There are a lot of articles right now & somehow I kinda understand why.

Let's say I'm A CHILD & I can VOTE who my parent will be:

Facebook is Down

Facebook has been down for several days now.  At least here in Makati, Philippines.  I don't know in other places, quite surprised there's no news on the net about it.  It's not really completely down but every now & then when you click something "Internet Explorer cannot display the page."  I don't know if Facebook itself is aware.  I read an article at that the group Anonymous was targetting to take it down last Nov. 5.  I guess they somehow succeeded w/ Facebook doing nothing to resolve it.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The World is Lauging at You (America...not Trump)

I couldn't agree w/ Trump more, here is a 'biased' article of SheKnows site.

"The world is laughing at us" --- oh yes we are!  Too bad for you America!  And I thought Filipino voters were stupid...

"Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before." --- what country?  America will be out of the map soon (ok not literally), but will not be one of the world's powers pretty long, what can you do if you have stupid voters???

 "Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years...stay strong and never give up!" --- ok at least Trump is still a little bit more hopeful...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

US is Going Down...

Now that Obama has won again I can start preparing to forget about US, they're probably going down the what is the country to watch out for?  Is it UK?  We have all been used to following Hollywood stars, movies, series...I hope another country will now rise on these areas now that the US is going down...

Obama Won

So Obama won...such a sad day for the US, this marks another 4 years of going down the drain, where will America be right after?