Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Mysteries of the Last Philippine Elections

1.  Why Gordon lost

Filipinos w/ actual brains are still pondering why he lost & how he could win, w/o even realizing that they actually have to go out & vote themselves instead of constantly leaving the future of the country to their "kasambahay's".

2.  Why Honasan, Ejercito, Legarda, & Villar won

3.  Why Filipinos vote for TERRORISTS like Trillanes (who threatened to bomb at least 2 hotels in the country, who is banned, together w/ his girlfriend/s, friends --- proven by pics being kept by the country's numerous hotel management --- from checking in to any of their hotels)

4.  Why Nancy was the TARGET

We know that she is nothing different from Grace Poe or any of the millions of candidates in the Philippine history w/ ZERO knowledge or experience.  Why Filipinos forgot that Grace Poe's own father (that she heavily relied her campaign on), ran for PRESIDENCY W/ ZERO EXPERIENCE in politics!

5.  Why Nancy & her family is still living in his dad's house

Somewhat a surprise for everyone when Binay has units on all Makati condos...

6.  Why Heart's parents went gaga on Chiz

7.  Why Alan Cayetano won

I get it, his wife is good, his sister is good but he always like "batang inagawan ng candy!"  Ngawa...ngawa...ngawa...

8.  How Grace Poe was able to RISE ABOVE the criticism of the so-called "elite"?  When she did nothing but ride on her father's popularity???