Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Staff na Nagmumulto

Hay nako hanggang ngayon nagmumulto pa rin ang staff kong sakit sa ulo…inilipat ko na nga sa ibang department hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin natatapos sa kaka-reklamo at paninira sa staff na pumalit sa kanya…ewan ko ba!  Hanggang ngayon maya’t-maya eh umaali-aligid pa rin dito sa area naming…nakakatulig ang boses nya!!!  Sabi nga ng HR naming…baka hindi sya masaya sa nilipatan nya…kiber!  Wala akong paki…d ko ninaisan sya ng masama…ang nais ko lang maglaho na sya sa buhay ko at sa buhay namen!

Fuck IE9!!!

Fuck IE9...

Being a Boss

Hay nako nakakabwisit talaga ung may hawak kang mga tao bwiset talaga

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Mysteries of the Last Philippine Elections

1.  Why Gordon lost

Filipinos w/ actual brains are still pondering why he lost & how he could win, w/o even realizing that they actually have to go out & vote themselves instead of constantly leaving the future of the country to their "kasambahay's".

2.  Why Honasan, Ejercito, Legarda, & Villar won

3.  Why Filipinos vote for TERRORISTS like Trillanes (who threatened to bomb at least 2 hotels in the country, who is banned, together w/ his girlfriend/s, friends --- proven by pics being kept by the country's numerous hotel management --- from checking in to any of their hotels)

4.  Why Nancy was the TARGET

We know that she is nothing different from Grace Poe or any of the millions of candidates in the Philippine history w/ ZERO knowledge or experience.  Why Filipinos forgot that Grace Poe's own father (that she heavily relied her campaign on), ran for PRESIDENCY W/ ZERO EXPERIENCE in politics!

5.  Why Nancy & her family is still living in his dad's house

Somewhat a surprise for everyone when Binay has units on all Makati condos...

6.  Why Heart's parents went gaga on Chiz

7.  Why Alan Cayetano won

I get it, his wife is good, his sister is good but he always like "batang inagawan ng candy!"  Ngawa...ngawa...ngawa...

8.  How Grace Poe was able to RISE ABOVE the criticism of the so-called "elite"?  When she did nothing but ride on her father's popularity???

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities

Check out this list of America's Most Hated Celebrities:

Ok just let me comment on each one of them.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

I really don't know why people would hate Gwyneth else they're jealous.  She's just so perfect & nice!

2. Kristen Stewart

Ok so why isn't she on the top?  After wrecking a home, having a stupid boyfriend...

3. Jennifer Lopez
I'm so glad she's here!  Now isn't this list real!  She's so annoying & laos!  AI promotional team did their very best to make it look like she's hot but she's long gone!  And fat!

4. John Mayer

Ok I don't know why people hate him just because he dates a what?  It's hollywood, you meet a lot of attractive people...I would do the same thing --- and I'm a girl!

5. Katherine Heigl

Now this is another personality that I don't know why people hate, so she said something bad about how her character in Knocked Up was portrayed but really, America has it all wrong!  The character is not shrewd...we girls should actually be more careful about choosing our mate to avoid ending up w/ douche guys!

6. Matt Lauer

Ok so I think this is because he has been ungrateful to his show/producers???  Anyone who has been ungrateful to his/her boss/company deserves this, really.  I don't care what you are feeling...suck it up!  It is a job & a company ok?

7. Madonna

I am indifferent towards Madonna.  I am tired of her charades & trying too hard to be controversial.

8. Justin Bieber

You were bad to Pacquaiao hahaha!

9. Anne Hathaway

Now I also don't know why people hate Anne now.  But I did use to kinda hate her 'coz she tries to portray this sweet innocent girl, getting away w/ everything like destroying one of the Oscar shows, somehow maintaining this sweet personality while doing shameful things on Love & Other Drugs, awwww!

10. Kris Jenner

11. Kim Kardashian

12. LeAnn Rimes

Why aren't you #1?  And are you really qualified as a celebrity?

13. Ashton Kutcher
He was trying too hard in Punk'd.  Plus he left the lovely Demi Moore when he started earning his own money & fame.

14. Jay Leno

I love Jay Leno, he's just doing this job & being nice to everyone.  That is why I think he still has the top-rated show, you don't have to listen to someone whine as much as Letterman does!

15. Angelina Jolie

Why aren't you leading the race?  We will never forget how you wrecked SEVERAL homes girl!  And how manipulative you are, how you keep using your babies to get publicity, how you keep creating publicity...and how you look like a granda now!

16. Lindsay Lohan

17. Shia LaBeouf

Why do people hate him?  Well I guess he's not appreciative of his luck in the industry getting involved in drugs/jail(?)  To think he's ugly yet he's considered hot!

18. Taylor Swift

I don't know she's just annoying I guess!

19. Jesse James

Whoa!  Why?

20. Chris Brown

Monday, 11 March 2013

American Idol Top 5 Women --- Good Choice!!!

So it seems that America is a better judge than the current American Idol judges.  Don't get me wrong, I love the new set of judges.  It is the 1st time I always watch the show whenever I catch it on tv.  Previously I only watch the auditions part & only while Simon was still around.  What I'm talking about is ACTUALLY JUDGING.  What with Zoanette on the top 10 women, I don't know!

So now we have the top 5 women BASED ON AMERICA'S VOTES!  And we have gotten rid of the NOT SO GOOD SINGERS.  I'm glad Breanna & Aubrey are out.  The judges were all praises when Breanna sang "Bust Your Windows" when all I could think about was how pale it is compared to "Mercedes'" of Glee.  Also, her performance of "Flaws and All" was kinda annoying.  The never ending movement of her arms...what was that?  I cannot see what is FLAWLESS on that performance as how the JUDGES have commented!  And what about her looks?  They keep on saying she has the perfect look, what is so good about her looks?  She's not pretty at all.  And Aubrey, when she sang "Sweet Dreams" all I could think about was that that was the same version as that of Jessica Sanchez & it's so pale compared to the latter's.  And the JUDGES were ALL PRAISES!!!  I know she's pretty & all but what is it about admiring her (& Breanna's outfits) all the time?  They don't really stand out compared to some of the other contestants, besides, that is something ANYONE can fix.  So I guess the Americans are WISE VOTERS after all...OBAMA & all!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Kris is All-Grown-Up

I SO pity Kris Aquino on this honest twitter post (

siguro birthday blues talaga- last night while taking care of Bimb I had to sign another check in the millions, last payment sa financial settlement w/ u know who... I cried because of my past stupidity & sa exhaustion I feel sa trabaho na unfortunately hindi naman kay josh & Bimb napunta ang pinagpapaguran ko... Honest parang cold water was poured all over me to realize that maybe wag na lang umasa ever to find my happily ever after... Haayyy birthday blues. Just needed to get that pain off my chest.

Haaaay!  How much kaya ang NAKURAKOT ni James?  Buti na lang FULLY-PAID na si Kris for her freedom & her MISTAKE!  Oo nga may pagka-stupid nga si Kris.  Una ko pa lang narinig 'yang relasyon na 'yan I was alarmed...I knew peperahan lang sya...if you only knew James or if you knew people who are close to him...naaalala ko pa 'yung kwento right before their relationship wherein James was pondering w/ his friends/party sino ang iggirlfriend nya to help w/ his what you did!  I am SO PROUD of Kris now.  Matagal na syang lie-low at ACTING MATURE.  Tumigil na sa kakahanap ng LALAKI.  Tumigil na sa KAKA-EKSENA.  'Di na nya hinahanap-hanap na PAG-USAPAN sya ng BUONG BAYAN!  'Di na sya gumagawa ng isyu!  Haaaay...ang hirap talaga kumita ng pera...unfortunately people & MEN na ang alam lang ay MANGHUTHOT will never know that!  So give up na si Kris sa paghahanap ng THE ONE?  Ako hindi far!  Minsan talaga pag may okasyon...o Valentine's nagse-self-pity tayo if we're single...buti na lang STRONG si Kris!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Demi is How 40 Should Look Like!

No matter how much the media hates Demi I am still for team Demi!  Look how hot the guy is & how hot her body is!

Metro Manila --- Worst City in the World for Driving

I was just reading this article of spot ( & found this article (  Duh Tolentino, Metro Manila is probably the WORST place in the world to drive in.  That is the only reason why I would want to migrate abroad.  Bulag ka ba?  Saan ka pa makakakita ng bansa na hinahayaan nyo at ng mga pulis ang mga PUV's na gawing terminal ang lahat ng sulok ng kalye...nagtatanong ka pa, either TANGA ka o BULAG!

The Why's

- Why people find Meghan Markle pretty/hot?
- Who watches Nikita, New Girl, Friends, 2 Broke Girls, The Next on ETC?  Who watches Nikita at all?
- Why the show Extra is popular?
- Why Randy is STILL ON IDOL?
- Why when Bryanboy became a judge on ANTM, his scandal was shunned?
- Why everyone in FB is posting about watching the Walking Dead?
- Why Rob is still w/ Kristen?
- Why Survivor is shooting 2 consecutive seasons at the same location?  (Caramoan, Philippines)
- Why Ashley Benson isn't as pretty as she was in Bring It On compared to how she looks now at Pretty Little Liars?
- Why do people like watching Be Careful W/ My Heart?
- Why do Filipinos believe all the 'gimmicks' of ABS-CBN?
- Why Jessica De Gouw doesn't look pretty but looks so pretty on Arrow?
- Why is Emily Bett Rickards pretty on arrow (w/ the geeky style) only?
- Why do the hosts of ETC shows act like statues & talk like robots?
- Why does ETC execs allow Patti Grandidge to act so insecure & mean when she's w/ Julia onscreen?
- Why is everyone focusing on guns instead of mental illness?

Monday, 14 January 2013


I just got back from Bora & I'm so itim na.  I hate what I look like, like I'm so DUMI.  Just saw Solenn's blog, kinda looks like that, should be pretty but looks so DUMI, like CHEAP GIRLS :s

The Mistress

Over the weekend I went out w/ a friend of mine who just LOVES being a mistress.  Again I found out that the man he's been w/ for the past couple of months that she said is separated is apparently still married, living w/ his wife & kids.  I remembered this article I recently read (

Time & again I have asked people what I should do w/ this friend of mine.  Should I talk to her & tell her what she's doing is wrong?  I got different responses.  Some said I shouldn't even be friends w/ her.  Others said I need not talk to her she's already old & knows what she's doing is wrong but she's doing it anyway.  There's just one person who told me that I should talk to her, my bf, & correct her.  Anyways I still have not talked to her or made SAWAY of her.  I was like, I don't know anyway if she's lying or not coz she will always start w/ THE MAN IS SEPARATED.  But eventually will admit he actually isn't.  Is there really something I should do?

If I were critical of a person or a friend there are so many things about her I should actually correct.  I actually think she has a psychological of a mental problem.  She is very proud when men make BASTOS of her.  She even flaunts abusive texts, etc..  She is also proud that she got sexually harassed every now & then & in all her workplaces.  She feels she's the prettiest girl in the world.  Although sometimes reality sets in & she asks, do men just approach me for sex?  Do men look at me & think SEX?  Honestly I can't say yes but one look at her, yes.  She looks just like the cheap girls who would let men they don't know PET them.  She will always say she doesn't like this guy or that but will not refuse to get touched or kissed by them.  I don't know what is wrong w/ her or what her sickness is.  But I know it is not just her fault but the fault of the husbands who MAKE PATOL to her as well.  I guess she's a dream come true to men.

Apart from being like this, when we are together she likes making sira of our other common friend.  Hindi ko alam if naiinggit sya.  I'm thinking she must be doing the same to me I guess, I just don't care.  I only hang out w/ her pag bored na talaga at walang magawa haha!  The last time we went out I noticed she just kept on commenting on each of the last posts/pix I posted on FB for the last couple of months.  Like when I post a gift, she will say she got a better one.  I don't know exactly what is wrong w/ her or what the specific medical term is for her sickness.  I just thought, would I rather be home & bored or make pa-sosy & hang out outside (sya nga lang ang kasama).  I thought, well, I don't have a perfect life, I should just make-do w/ what I can right now, sya lang ang nayaya ko lumabas hahaha!

But honestly maybe I don't correct her because I don't want to be alone.  You see we're both old (I think our age qualifies for being matandang dalaga it's just that I may not be called that way coz I have a bf & I look young, she also looks young plus is always w/ different men, so I guess matandang dalaga cannot be used).  Now since maybe more than a year ago I have decided that what I really want in life is to get married & have a family.  I have kinda thought that is what would really make me happy (just not sure hehe).  And having her, who will not get married, live-in, or have kids because she said she doesn't want to, probably I wanted her to stay the same, so everytime I get bored or lonely I have someone I can text once & is already DYING to go out w/ me (I know she never runs out of stories how awesome her life is, how happy she is w/ her life, & how many cute & famous men are running after her but she still dawns on me as really lonely, like a yapping dog who would come at my feet w/ just one text --- like she has nothing better to do).

Anyway, that's it, that's her story....

I Give Up!

It's been awhile since I last posted.  I just feel so down today.  You see I have this staff na super sakit sa ulo.  I think it's not just a simple attitude problem.  I think she is mentally ill, or psychologically ill (baka mas less grave yon hehe).  I have already given up on her.  Actually ok naman sya sa work nya, at bakit naman hindi eh napakamechanical lang naman, I mean, hello?  What do you expect?  Pero sakit sa ulo talaga, the problem is one of her teammates resigned & she's the best person to take over, now our contact from abroad is pressuring me to PROMOTE her duh?!  I know I'm not this type of person, usually kaya kong sakyan lahat pero parang I would rather RESIGN than PROMOTE HER!  This is making me insane right now, really, I just wanna give up everything, my career, at least that's how I feel at this moment!  Sana nga my bf goes abroad & is able to bring me, I think I would give up my entire career here or it's just what I would WANT to do...haaay I just feel like I'm more responsible than that.  Sana sya na lang ang magresign please please please.  All I can really do is pray & BLOG to vent out....haaaaay!  Ewan ko ba bat may mga taong sobrang pasaway na they feel proud na they are pasaway & immature.  Bakit ba hindi pa sila magsipag-resign hindi ba mas maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na wala silang kinabukasan hangga't d sila nagbabago?  Mga tanga...haaaaay....