Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Gratitude List

I have read somewhere that gratitude makes you a happier person.  Well that's really not something new.  We've heard that several times in the past.  I think Oprah is one of the advocates of that as well.  Recently my bf had raised that issue w/ me as well.  That I never thank him.  That he feels like I feel it's his obligation to do things for me.  He told me I should thank people more & it helps you.  Anyway, I just thought that as a post today I would write my own 'gratitude list,' the list of things I'm grateful for in my life.  So let's start...

1.  I'm pretty

I should be thankful that I'm pretty.  I don't need to put in much effort & I look better than most people.  I also look rich & classy w/o even trying.

2.  I'm earning at least 100k a month (net)

It may be regular for my contemporaries who worked in the same huge (if not the biggest) multinational company wherein I had my 1st job.  I mean we are all managers.  But I guess managers from other companies are not earning this much.

3.  I have a car

Ok it beats having to suffer commuting.  Which I never do & never did anyway.

4.  I can drive

Ok, if needed, I can always drive myself.

5.  Considerate neighbor

I just realized that my front-door neighbor is considerate enough not to block my driveway (anyway it's their fault they buy so many cars w/o buying enough parking space)

6.  I have household help

Ok that is not unusual in the 3rd world country that I live in but having tried out living alone on my own w/o a maid...I am grateful!

7.  I have dependable parents

Considering they are based abroad they are always w/in reach & would react immediately if ever I needed anything.  I even rely on them on things I should really be handling on my own.

8.  Responsible brother

I only have one sibling & I sure am glad he is responsible.  I don't have to deal w/ a 'parasite' sibling.  We are both responsible & financially independent.  I guess I should be glad our parents brought us up that way.

9.  Loving & mature bf

I have an MD bf who is responsible, way more mature than me even when he's younger than me!  He tells me when I act or behave in a way he doesn't like or offends him.  He's definitely making this relationship work.  And he makes me happy :)

10.  My bf's family

They have been very accepting & I feel that I truly belong.  I feel their support as if I'm part of their family already.  My bf's mum even gave me advise over the weekend on how to understand MD's more so that our relationship can last.

11.  My job

I guess I should be happy about my job.  My current boss is very lax.  We are given freedom to perform.  I just feel comfortable here like I couldn't ask for more.  But of course I would strive for a bigger salary...duh!

12.  Laws in the Philippines

I guess laws are not really followed here in the Philippines.  I know that's really a bad thing but I'm writing a gratitude list!  So I will write what I like about it.  I like that if you make a mistake you can just pay off the police, just like 99% of the citizens do for traffic indiscretions.  I guess here you can make everything go away --- and I am looking at how that is good for myself right now.  I know it can turn our to be really really bad :s

13.  The current president

I so hated Pnoy before the elections & during the start of his term.  But I will admit things are getting better.  The government offices are looking more decent now & also a little more efficient.  The economy is growing (I thought it was only GMA who could do that).  I see Filipinos getting inspired by his leadership so I guess this is something I should appreciate noh?

14.  Not much corrupt politicians

Ok I know there's a lot.  I even tried to create a collage of their pictures.  Fortunately I can't think of much corrupt politicians that this is the only one I came up with.

Ok I'm not just including corrupt politicians but also the 'useless' ones.

15.  My staff

I guess I'm happy now w/ my staff.  After the evil one left things have been better.  More positive atmosphere & interaction w/ each other.

16.  Colleagues I have lunch with

I guess I've learned to enjoy our talks more over lunch & their company.  It's not just anymore, we have no choice & no other people to have lunch with.

17.  My gastritis/hyperacidity

Ok, because of this I can't eat much & lost so much weight, so I can see how it's a good thing :)

18.  My latest lab results

Honestly I thought I was dying w/ an agressive form of cancer, good thing I was cleared :)

19.  My dogs

They reduce stress & bring some happiness to my home :)

20.  The internet

Something to do

Ok that is a lot, I am TOO happy now hehe!  Till next time ;)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Erap has Sense...

I'm liking Erap's statements more & more.

It seems like there's more sense to this man than I thought.  In the past I have read statements from him commenting that GMA should be allowed to seek medical assistance abroad since he was allowed to do the same.  I have also read articles wherein he has forgiven Chavit, etc..  I don't know if he's paying the Inquirer big-time to release all these positive statements about him but it seems to show that he is a good man(?)  I remember in the last presidential elections that I learned that one of my friends actually voted for him (a friend, not the company security guard, not the katulongs).  This friend has met Erap personally.  She is from a political family & was on Erap's party.  She said she voted for Erap because she can sincerely see that he is a good man.  And that she did not vote for Binay as VP even when they are in the same party.  Oh well...


Wow isn't this a good idea!

Now can we have child-free restaurants next?

Kelsey Grammer = Douche Bag

Kelsey Grammer is so annoying (!  Now usually the cheap one would be the one who would choose to be in a reality show, like Camille in Real Housewives.  But this scenario is so the opposite of reality.  Usually it is the woman who can't stop talking about how her ex is a douche-bag...and we kind of understand that, especially if the relationship ended because of the man's fault.  But in this case, Kelsey is the one who cheated.  All you cheaters out there, saying 'it hasn't been working for a long time' is not an excuse for your douchy behavior!  What you should do if it is not working is either make it work or end it before 'cheating'!  Wow!  Kelsey is in a world of his own where he's the one bitter & scorned when he is the cheater.  And he's trying so hard to place his current 'homewrecker' wife up on a pedestal she doesn't belong in!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Trillanes & His Attitude Problem

What else is new?

Everyone knows Trillanes has an attitude problem & a big brat.  How else would you call someone who will threaten to bomb Glorietta just because he's frustrated w/ the organization he belongs in?  The bad thing is that stupid Filipinos voted for him & further molded his immaturity.

Good joke Gringo!

Demolition at Guatemala St., Makati

Kudos to Binay this time!  Just saw on the news the demolition at Guatemala St. in Makati.  This time Binay did good.  Let's do our best to clean up our sewerage system to avoid extreme flooding.  May other cities follow to do what is good & right for everyone instead of just thinking about how to please the squatters for election purposes...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mamie Gummer as Emily Owens MD

I am so curious about the new show 'Emily Owens, MD.'  Not only because I have been exposed to the medical world having an MD bf but also because namukhaan ko ang lead star.  She is this supposedly 'Legally Blonde' lawyer on The Good Wife.  Someone who looked really stupid but is obviously just being manipulative & turned out to be really, really good!  I was kinda surprised that considering how soft her voice is, she became an actress.  Only later to find out that she is actually the daughter of Meryll Streep...they probably have the same voice.

Also, googling about Meryll Streep I was also surprised that she is still married to Mamie Gummer's dad.  And before then she was living w/ someone until that man's death.  Sometimes Hollywood can still surprise you.  I didn't expect this from Meryll Streep.  Of course I would expect numerous marriages & divorces & that Mamie would only be, like, one of her daughters from one of her men whom she doesn't get much in contact with.  I'm also surprised & happy to find out that Mamie's husband is Ben Walker!  He's just so cute & his movie 'Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter' was surprisingly good!

A lot of surprises today! ;)

Kate Middleton is Stupid

I couldn't agree more...

Mas Maganda pa ko kay Georgina!!!

In fairness...ang pangit ni Georgina pag walang makeup ha!  Mas maganda pa ko sa knya!  Parang lola ko lang...

Monday, 17 September 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines...weh?

What is wrong w/ what this guy said?

Ang kapal naman ng mukha nitong councilor Sisinio Andales achuchuchu.  Bakit may sinabi ba syang hindi totoo???

Sa totoo lang NAPAKARAMI pang dahilan to hate the Philippines.  Isa-isahin nga natin:

1.  Mga tambay na umaarteng 'traffic enforcer' dahil binabayaran sila ng mga jeep.  Dahilan ng traffic ng buong bayan.

2.  Kung saan may NO Loading/Unloading sign ay yun ang ginagawang terminal ng mga pinoy.  Siguro ay bobo talaga ang mga ito.  Kung minsan kung kelan pa nilagay ang sign ay saka pa ito gagawing terminal...bobo talaga.

3.  Mga pulis na pinaprioritize pa ang mga jeep at iba pang PUV na salot sa kalye.  Pahihintuin ang mga pribadong sasakyan para gawing terminal ng mga jeep at mga pasahero ang gitna ng daan.  Masaya nga naman if nakakaperhuwisyo ng buong bayan.

4.  Lahat ng makita mong police vehicles sa kalye ay nagccommit ng 'reckless driving.'  Pansinin mo, para ka nilang babanggain parati o biglang titigil sa gitna ng daan o sasalubungin ang isang one-way street.

5.  Mga pulis na ang ginagawa lang buong araw ay mangotong.  Lahat ay ganito.  Manghihingi ng kotong sa mga jeep at PUV's kaya kahit anong gawin nilang paglubag sa batas trapiko eh palalagpasin.  Pagkatapos ay huhulihin ang mga pribadong sasakyan (most of the time ng walang dahilan) para manghingi ng lagay kung hindi ay peperhuwisyohin ka nila.  Dati ay tinry kong hindi maglagay at ibinigay ang license ko.  Pagclaim ko sa LTO ang sabi nila sa akin sa susunod daw eh maglagay na lang ako at huwag ko na paabutin doon.  Ang saya diba?

6.  Mga jeep, bus, fx, etc., lahat ng PUV.  Tinatanong pa ba yan?  Since nangongotong ang mga pulis ay ito ang hari ng mga sasakyan.  Sa araw-araw ay ilang oras ang nasasayang sa buong mamamayan dahil nakatigil sa gitna ng kalye ang mga PUV at ginagawang terminal ang gitna ng kalye.  Kapag binusinahan mu sila ay sasabihan ka lang nila na 'lumipad ka.'  Ang saya talaga!

7.  Pollution.  Siguro 70% ng sasakyan ay nagbubuga ng itim na usok.  Ganito ka-3rd-world dito!

8.  Iskwater.  Pasensya ka na kung napagtripan ng mga skwater na nakawin ang lupang pinaghirapan mu sa pagbabanat ng buto.  Wala silang pakialam dahil ayaw nilang magtrabaho.  Gusto lang nila ay libre lahat.  Trip din nila nagtatapon ng kanilang mga basura sa ilog.  Trip nila na ma-ondoy at habagat tayong lahat.  It's more fun in the Philippines!

9.  Mga hold-up na nangyayari sa harapan ng police stations o ginagawa mismo ng mga pulis

10.  Coding.  Pasensya ka na sabi ko nga hari ang mga PUV sa pinas.  Hindi mu pwede gamitin ang kotse mo dahil pangpadagdag ka daw sa traffic na PUV's lang ang may karapatan gumawa.

11.  Mga pulis na dahilan ng traffic.  Mga bobong pulis na pilit na pinapa-go ang mga sasakyan kahit walang pupuntahan.  O di kaya nakatayo sa ilalim ng traffic light pero walang pakialam.  Sabi ko nga trip ng lahat na lahat tayo ay magdusa araw-araw.

12.  Mga corrupt politicians at government employees.  Lahat dito ay pwede bayaran.

13.  Mga pulubi.  Pasensya ka na, marami talagang pulubi dito na lalapit sa sasakyan mo habang nakatigil ka.  At pag di ka nagbigay ay susuntukin o sisipain ang sasakyan mo.

14.  Bawal na ngayon ang styrofoam at plastic sa ibang lugar.  Mapagpanggap talaga ang mga pilipino.  Sa dinami-daming nakalista sa taas ay ito pa ang napagdiskitahan.

15.  Paulit-ulit na reconstruction ng mga kalye.  Dahilan din ng traffic.  Kahit walang sira ang kalye ay sisirain at aayusin ng paulit-ulit para makakuha ng 'kickback' ang mga politiko/government officials.

16.  Sinisisi parati ang walang kasalanan.  Tuwi na lang may nasasagasaan ng tren ay kasalanan ng driver ng tren.  Kahit pa nagpakamatay ang tao sa pagtalon sa riles.  O pilit na tumawid ang tricycle na overloaded at hindi nakaabot. 

17.  Bobo ang mga Pilipino.  Kaya rin hindi makakilos ng maayos ang mga public officials ay dahil sa parating baluktot na reaksyon ng mga tao.  Tulad na lang nung hostage crisis nung mga Hongkong tourists.  Ang tamang ginawa ay pinatay na nuong una pa lang ang suspek.  Pero walang makapagutos nito sa takot sa magiging reaksyon ng bobong publiko.

Siguro yan lang ang mga naisip ko sa ngayon pero napakarami pa.  Kaya kung ikaw ay foreigner at pwede ka tumira sa kahit saang bansa, wag ka ng magkamali sa pagpunta sa Pinas...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson...Back Together!

Who Wants to be Liz Uy?

Saw this post from FP:

Hahaha, galing ni FP mamili ng topic.  Lahat nga naman magrereact dito.  Iddeny ng lahat/everybody that they want to be Liz Uy!  Siguro nga there's something about her kaya lahat ng high-profile friends nya like her but the public, all we see ay isang pangit na maitim na mukhang nanay na matanda...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No To RH Bill!

Now this is proof that most Filipinos oppose the RH Bill.  Just read the comments section.

Now this is not just about trying to mock Sotto, these people are expressing their opinions...even if behind anonymous names.  Because in this twisted world we live in today, you will be mocked if you oppose what is not uso (RH Bill, Same Sex Marriage).  Now it is more shameful to still stand by what is right.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Miley...please marry Liam!

Hmmm...alarm mode!  Miley is holding off her wedding!!!

I really found Miley so lucky that she can downward spiral, she's ugly & not exactly a girlfriend or fiance to be proud of but Liam is holding on to her...but probably not for long!  Miley, straighten up your act.  Get over all this shit (slutty clothes, chopping off your hair, handing out scandalous comments to the media) & be a good girl for are so lucky girl...marry him now!  Shesh!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Evident Corruption in the Streets

I read this article written by Mon Tulfo himself about perfectly fine roads being reconstructed in Misamis Oriental in order for those 'in power' to get 'kickbacks.'

Unfortunately the comments section is already closed.  I wanted to point out that the same thing happened recently in C5 Taguig.  Roads were perfectly fine but were reconstructed.  This caused recurring traffics during construction not to mention the aftermath now wherein the new roads do not have any lines at all.  This can cause more accidents.

If you want to see more of this you don't need to look further than Brgy. Pio Del Pilar in Makati.  This is the barangay enclosed by Pasong Tamo, Buendia, South Super Highway, & Pasay Road.  Citizens who drive daily to & from Makati may be familiar w/ this area as this is mostly used as sidestreets to avoid traffic.  Unfortunately this is also mostly used by Binay as 'kickback' area where roads are constantly reconstructed time & again.

P.S. --- shouldn't Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig spend more money in keeping C5 Taguig safe?  Everyone knows this major road is being avoided late at night or early morning because of known hold-ups by squatters around the area (Warning to the Public:  Do not stop if you get stoned/egged or notice a flat tire while driving along this road)

It Should Not be OK to Mock People for their Conservative Positions!

This is what Lucy said regarding the taunts about the RH Bill ***Click to Enlarge***  I completely agree.  Why is it that in this age & time it is ok to call anti-RH Bill people as 'stupid'?  Can't these people have their own opinion?  Why are they openly mocked by society???  Where is the freedom of speech then?  Why is it ok & acceptable that pro-RH Bill people openly call them stupid?  What if I call you stupid to believe that RH Bill can cure poverty when we all know a person is poor because of his own doing???  Why are you forcing everyone to pay more taxes to pay for these irresponsible people's condoms???

The same happens in the US when someone openly rejects same-sex marriage...why?  Can't people have their own opinion about what marriage should be? 

Where has this world come?!!

The Philippines Has No Dependable Telco Company

This is so true...ilang beses na kami nag-away ng bf ko dahil sa bad service ng Globe.  Ewan ko ba bat ganito na sila, in the past months kasi madalas na walang signal kahit nasa Makati ka pa.  Kung walang signal ang Globe doon san ka pa mageexpect magkakaron???  Pero asa pa tayo magkaron ng counseling service eh ni customer service nga nila ala kwenta!  Anyway, wala naman tayong choice mga pinoy dahil wala namang ok na telco subscriber dito sa Pinas eh.  I chose Globe before at tiniis ko ang numerous SPAM texts nila dahil sa Smart madalas mangyayari ung hindi nakakatanggap ng text at kulang naman sa signal ang Sun.  So saan ka naman lilipat???  Ang Sun naman kahit malaki na inimprove since nabili ng Smart eh nawawalan pa rin ng signal.  Of course ang Smart ganun pa rin, may mga dropped texts...sana someday may dumating na ok na telco subscribers para magsara na tong Smart at Globe, pareho silang ala kwenta!

Minimum IQ Requirement to Join Twitter

Talagang kailangan magcomment ng bobang ito?  I don't know if Y-Speak show is still on but the couple of times I saw it in the past tumatambling ako sa kabobohan nitong host na ito...dapat may minimum IQ requirement bago payagan mag-tweet...

Pnoy's "Pet"...Rico Puno!!!

This is a good post about Pnoy's "pet" Rico Puno.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds...Married!!!

Wow Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds are married!!!  Goodluck to you guys, you deserve all the happiness in the world!!!

Here's a pic of the wedding location.

Wow I so love this.  Ryan Reynolds deserve to be happy after ScarJo cheated on him w/ ol' Sean Penn.  I never liked ScarJo, I don't know what the guys like in her.  She's not pretty & she's fat as well.

And I don't understand why this website ( keeps on calling Blake a bad girl who never took guys seriously before Ryan.  I think she took Leo & Penn Badgley seriously.  I mean, why would she date Penn anyway???

I hope they live happily ever after!!!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Crime Inside the AFP Compound

Hahaha & I thought it's safe to pass by Lawton Ave. during midnight & dawn because of the military compound!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

America is Going Down the Drain...

I really don't understand why Americans hate Republicans.  When Obama won I thought Americans just hated Bush & the War so they opted for a man full of charisma w/o anything else.  Now after several years of proof he has done nothing except for him & his wife guesting on hollywood shows, it seems that Americans are still being fooled.  Well I guess America is really going down the drain!


I am so tired of reading about Georgina Wilson being insecure, not really caring about how she looks...weh?  I am also so tired about people saying that she's smart.  When she's on tv she has no personality, she has no life, please!!!  How smart is that?  She's just another pretty & vain individual who's got nothing inside!!!

Homewreckers Collage

Ladies & Gentlemen...the HOMEWRECKERS!!!

Chow Chow!

Chow Chow Collage!!!

Babies & Having a Family - for Single People!

Now you may like or dislike this depending on your current situation.  I made this yesterday when I was still happy w/ my relationship & looking forward to having a family & 'creating' babies hehe!  But today, I don't know.  I've told a friend of mine that if I had to do my life over I would prioritize getting married & having kids...having a family.  We both agreed that being single & financially stable kinda feels like you don't have anything at all in life (we are both female).  But she pointed out that, well, maybe we just never wanted to marry the men we were w/ in the past.  And I think that is kinda true...or simply true.  I mean, up until last year I never wanted to get married & I hated kids/babies.  I was w/ a douche bag & I NEVER would want to marry him because in the back of my mind I feel like someday I might finally 'get over him' & 'fall out of love' then it would be good not to be trapped in a marriage!  And I never liked kids.  They are so annoying & noisy & you cannot tell them to behave or what, they wouldn't understand anyway.  I deliberately avoid restaurants w/ kids & avoid sitting beside families w/ kids as I don't want to get annoyed or disturbed.  I am annoyed when a co-worker brings her kid to work & I HAVE to pretend along w/ others that her kid is cute & I'm so fond of him/her....aaaargh!  And what is there to like about babies???  They are all small & bald & all look alike & they all smell like vomit!!!  So that was what I was just last year.  The only reason I ever thought about having kids or getting pregnant is the fact that I'm getting older (over 30) & someday I might 'want' to have kids but it could be too late already then I would have regrets.  But I always thought about my mum who always hated us (my dad, my brother, & me).  She just always wants to be alone.  I thought I would never want to be her who probably just had a family because it was the thing to do but never really actually liked us!  Anyway I'm going too far from the topic so now I'm w/ this awesome guy & suddenly I so want to get married & get pregnant.  So, I don't know.  But we just had a fight last night & I'm having 2nd thoughts so now this pic is not that appealing to me as it was yesterday.  I mean, would I just prefer to be alone forever since I can't find someone I'm compatible w/?  Or maybe I will just be a burden to him & to our future kids.  I remember a friend of mine who's older than me & still single (female again) that she said she feels like she cannot get married because she has such an awful personality & no one would want to live w/ her & that I may not see that now coz I'm not living w/ her.  Now I feel the same way, would I prefer to be alone than be a burden to other people???  I don't know...where has this post gone...?

Chihuahua Collage...

Look what made me smile today!!! ***Click to Enlarge***

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ayyy Teh!

Kakainez!!!  I just discovered this blog ( & it seems the blogger had stopped blogging!!!  Check it aliw!

The New America's Next Top Model w/ BryanBoy!

This weekend I happened to see part of, I think, the initial episode of America's Next Top Model:  College Edition.  I got curious because of the college theme as well as knowing they have new judges.  I have stopped watching this show for the last couple of seasons.  It was getting to be a bore & the contestants seem to be getting uglier & cheaper.  Wow, was this a refreshing episode.  A lot of the contestants look like models (something new for ANTM).  And the new judges are good-looking & young.  Plus, I love Kelly so I'm looking forward to that.  Today I googled to get more details & I just learned that BryanBoy will also be at the judge's table!  Wow, kudos to you another Filipino gaining international fame!  I hope you make us proud!