Sunday, 16 December 2012

Questions You Should Stop Asking

Taking off from this article ( I was surprised the USUAL QUESTIONS Everyone agrees shouldn't be asked...are not here...I am opting to write my own article to list them down :-D

1.  Why are you still single?

If you get asked this question you instantly want to KILL the person who asked.  In your mind "if only I knew why I wouldn't be!"  It's like saying...what is wrong w/ you???

2.  Bakit hindi pa kayo magpakasal?

If I were the man I would've proposed decades ago but since I'm the woman obviously I am ONLY WAITING.  Don't make it sound like I don't want to get married.  WE ALL KNOW I do...

3.  Bakit wala pa kayong anak?

This is extremely sensitive.  What if the couple has been trying so hard to get pregnant.  Worse, what if they already lost a pregnancy.  People, especially the elders...have some compassion!

Ok I guess these are all the DREADED questions of everyone who's ever been in such situations.  So I suggest if you can't think of anything to say try your best to STILL AVOID asking these don't know how much misery/desperation/depression/conflict you could be causing afterwards...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Go Demi Moore!!! ;)

I don't know why everyone's taking a jab at Demi Moore.  Or is it just the media outlets?  But why?  Why are they judging her for being desperate...if she is at all?  She is an older woman.  Much older than me & my friends and that is why I pity her.  It's like I know exactly how she feels.  Getting dumped by a much younger man.  Getting replaced.  Hello?  Women?  Don't you feel bad if you get dumped?  Don't you feel bad when you get replaced even if she turns out to be much less on the looks department?  How much worse could she feel that she is in the public eye & everyone's judging her in the process?  And having an ex-husband who seems to be ideal & also happily married as well???  Don't you understand?  Haven't you ever been desperate & alone?  I am sure ALL of you have been so why gang up on Demi???  I really don't understand all the hate.  All the news about her doesn't seem to match how she looks anyway...she's still hot!  So what if she enjoys herself in a party & dances???  And why is the tv media only showing pix of her where Lenny Kravitz wasn't minding her.  When you go to the net you will see multiple pictures which show Lenny was also into her.  And why say she was dumped by this younger guy when they weren't a couple anyway?  I really don't understand all the hate.  Can't you women writers/authors relate?  How would you have cope if you were in her situation & at her age???  I think she's doing just fine given the situation, pretty soon she will get over Ashton & grab a much hotter go Demi!  You're still much hotter than ALL your detractors!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

5 of your most treasured possessions

  • 5 of your most treasured possessions.

  • 1.  Hmmm, this is really hard, well it didn't say material bf

    Ok my bf is my treasured possession because he's mine hahaha!  Because I think he's a catch.  First of all he's a doctor & people think that is a catch.  I honestly don't mind it before when people mention things like...oh her bf is a doctor...oh there's a doctor who courted me, etc..  I didn't really care since I'm the 'I don't care' type of person anyway :)  But now that I have a bf who is a doctor people do REACT when they find out he's a doctor.  And when people ask me about my bf another friend would you usually say 'oh her bf is a doctor blah blah blah.'  But why is he a treasured possession of mine?  I guess coz personally I think he's a catch.  Because I'm old, I'm already 32 & still single.  Because he's about my age.  Because I like him a lot.  Because he's so nice.  Because he's responsible.  Because he's someone I can be proud of.

    2.  Another treasured possession?  That is hard...maybe my job

    I consider my job as a treasured possession because I can say that I earn a lot.  A lot more than I need, at least for now, because I am still single.  Earning at least 100k net a month is not bad.  I definitely treasure it.  At least just because of the money, to be honest, bwahaha!

    3.  Another treasured possession?  Hmmmm, my family?

    I don't know, at least I have a family.  That in itself I think I should value.

    4.  Another one???  Hmmmm, I can't think of anything more, maybe my brain?

    Maybe it's a treasured possession because I think I'm smart.  I can analyze things way better than others.  I think my thinking is advanced.  I can more or less predict what is going to happen or how things will be leaving others surprised.

    5.  What else?  I guess my bestfriends?

    I think they are a nice bunch.  I have one bestfriend from college whom I really really like.  She's just one of the nicest persons ever.  No hidden agendas just a pure heart.  I lover her!

    Wednesday, 5 December 2012

    5 things you want to say to the teenage version of you

  • 5 things you want to say to the teenage version of you.

  • So what age would this be, 13-19...hmmmm, what grade/level would I have been then, 1st year highschool to 3rd year college...hmmmmm.....

    1.  It is ok

    I was an 'unpopular' girl in highschool.  If I could say something to myself I would say 'it's OK.'  It doesn't matter.  Well, I need not tell this to myself because back then I think it didn't matter to me as well.

    2.  It doesn't matter whatever you are

    Back in highschool, especially in the early years, I was always TRYING OUT different personalities.  If I could talk to myself then I would say 'it doesn't matter whatever you are or whatever you want to be...REALLY.'  Because it doesn't really matter.

    3.  Take your studies seriously

    If I could talk to my college me I would tell myself to take my studies seriously.  Sayang kasi.  Studying is SO EASY compared to the REAL LIFE.  Sayang!

    4.  Enjoy your college years

    Maybe I really have enjoyed my college years but maybe if I could talk to myself & advise myself to enjoy even more.  Now it feels like it was the best years of my life.  Maybe because I have completely let go then & I had the luxury to.  I did everything I want...tried everything I want.  Risked everything.  Didn't care about anything.  I surely miss that life & that opportunity!!!

    5.  Just enjoy

    In general just enjoy your life, I guess that's what I would say.  Enjoy every experience.  Enjoy every person you meet.  Enjoy everything new you tried & just have fun :)

    Lecheng Teambuilding Fund!!!

    Hay nako teambuilding na naman today.  Bwiset!!!  San ba kasi nagsimula yang lecheng teambuilding fund na yan!  As if naman gusto mong mabawasan ang free time mo or even your time to work to spend time w/ these evil alaga's.  Hay nako sa totoo lang isinumpa yata ako pagdating sa mga taong minamanage ko dito sa trabaho bwiset!

    Tuesday, 4 December 2012

    CBCP, Twilight, & RH Bill

    Ok now isn't this the most stupid article I have ever read.  And probably by the author's own admission "People were saying, “Don’t be quick to judge. You haven’t seen it. Be fair!”  And indeed, I haven’t. Said movie remains thankfully unseen by me as well as a few friends who have their sanity and dignity intact."

    Ok so a lot of people actually judge w/o knowing all the details.  If you must know here is the CINEMA/CBCP review on Breaking Dawn (  A 3.5 out of 5 is HARDLY an endorsement. 

    The author, this Lourd De Veyra who?, goes on a tirade w/o even seeing the movie.  You see I am not a Twilight fan.  And I really dread seeing these Twilight movies.  But everytime they come along someone somewhere will ask me to see it w/ them & what the heck.  So I've seen this movie & that's why I understand the points brought up in the review.  If you have seen the series you will know that Bella almost died giving birth to her child, which is probably what CBCP stands for, the value of unborn life.  And if you've seen the last movie you will see how they tried to defend this child's life as well as the life of the entire family (though not all blood-related) as well as everybody else's by exhausting all imaginable ways to avoid war w/c is probably what the review was pointing out. 

    Ok it was probably touching on the RH bill when it came to the baby/child's life but so what?  Was CBCP hiding in any way that they are against this bill?  It is what it stands for.

    I am also so tired of Catholics bashing the Catholic Church (I am not talking about the author but A LOT of other people out there).  If you do not stand for its beliefs then leave the church already please...