Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bus Companies in the Philippines

So this is the list of bus companies in Metro Manila (as per Wiki).

  • A Prado
  • A-7 Tours and Transport
  • Aerobus
  • AC Trans - Owned By Alberto Carating. Operates between Malanday in Valenzuela City and Baclaran in Parañaque City via Ayala. and Malanday -NAIA via EDSA
  • Admiral Transport Inc.
  • Aicer Trans
  • Alabang Metro Link
  • Alro Trans
  • Arabia Boy Express - a bus company that operate by Irene Alejandro, plying Alabang (Las Piñas) - Plaza Lawton (Manila) and also, plying from Baclaran to SM Fairview via EDSA Ayala ) under Darla Andrea
  • AST Trans
  • Apex Commuter Transport
  • Baclaran Metro Link
  • BCB Transport Inc.
  • BBL (Biñan Bus Lines) Transport System Inc.
  • Bensan Trans - owned by Tas Trans Group of Companies, plying from Alabang(Muntinlupa)/Pilar(Las Piñas) - Vito Cruz(Manila)
  • BOTSC(Bus Operator Transport Service Cooperative)
  • BOVJEN (Operating By Alberto Carating, also a sister company of A.C. Trans)
  • Claro Trans
  • CEM Trans. Services Inc. - Formerly part of the Joanna Jesh Group, it was named after the founder of Joanna Jesh Transport and Nicholas Albert Transport, Crisinciano E. Mahilac, which was founded in 2007.
  • Cher Transport
  • Citylink Coach Services Inc. - an intercity bus company that traverses C-5 Road from Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City to Newport City, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City (facing to NAIA Terminal 3). It is operated under First Oceanic Property Management Inc., an affiliate company of Megaworld Corporation.
  • Cign Transport
  • Citybus - A bus company that operates mainly in the southern part of the metropolis, based in Bicutan and Sucat, both in Parañaque City.
  • Commuters Bus Corp.(HM Transport Group of Buses)
  • Corimba Express
  • Darla Andrea
  • DCOMMP Transport
  • Dela Rosa Transit (sister company of N. Dela Rosa Liner)
  • Delta Transport, Inc (HM Transport group)
  • Diamond V-Eight (Operated by Reinalyn Bus Lines Corp.) plying SM Fairview - Baclaran via Quezon Ave.
  • Don Mariano Transit Corporation* (HM Transport Group of Buses)
  • EA Diamond Starline Corporation - formerly known as EL Palma Transport. With major route of Baclaran to Malanday and provincial route of Pasay to Visaya.
  • Earthstar Express
  • Elena Liner
  • ELMS Liner/Jack D.M. Liner/ATSCI (Alabang Transport Service Cooperative Inc.)
  • EMBC
  • EPJ Transport (city operation division of Northstar Transport)
  • Everlasting Bus Company, Inc. - plying SM Fairview - Baclaran via Quiapo Quezon Ave. and the coming back of SM Fairview - Alabang via EDSA
  • Fides Express Inc. - plying Navotas - Baclaran via EDSA and Montalban - Divisoria via San Mateo, Aurora Blvd. (now defunct)
  • Fermina Express - plying Baclaran - Fairview via EDSA, Ayala, and Lagro and NAIA - Lagro via EDSA
  • Funride Transport Corp. (formerly WLH Trans/WLLH Liner/Maggi Liner) - known for operating King Long XMQ6119T, Nissan Diesel EXFOH buses & Higer buses, it operates in SM Southmall (Las Piñas City) - Plaza Lawton (Manila)via Coastal Rd..
  • FVTI (sister company of Vil 5000 Inc.)
  • G Liner - owned by the De Guia family. It operates routes from Taytay - Quiapo via Cainta, Manila East Road, Ortigas Avenue, Magsaysay Blvd. and Cainta - Quiapo via Ortigas Ave., Magsaysay Blvd.
  • Greenline Express
  • Golden Highway Transit Inc.
  • Green Star Express Inc.- plying Taytay - Quiapo via Cainta Ortigas Ave.
  • Guardian Angels
  • Ismael Bus Line ( IBL Inc.) - Undermanaged by Pinagrealan Tours and plying NAIA - Grotto via EDSA (They operated before the Navotas - Baclaran via EDSA and San Mateo - Divisoria via Aurora Blvd.)
  • Jackpherlyn Transport (formerly Sunrich Transport)
  • J. BEA (sister company of Thelman Transit and Aicer Trans)
  • Jasper Jean Liner Inc.
  • Jayross Lucky Seven Tours
  • Jell Transport (Now Defunct)
  • JFT Liner
  • JNL Paet Transport Co.
  • Joanna Jesh Transport Corp.
  • Joyselle Express
  • JKJ Express - now operated by Jell Transport Inc.
  • JRMS Transport - owned by Tas Trans Group of Companies, plying Malanday(Valenzuela City) - Alabang (Muntinlupa City) via EDSA, Skyway.
  • Juaymah Maureen Transport - Founded by Oscar Mababangloob, it operates from Alabang in Muntinlupa City to Quiapo and Lawton via Alabang-Zapote Road, Quirino Avenue, and Taft Avenue.
  • Kellen Transport (sister company of Jell Transport)
  • Kelly Transport
  • Kingsway Transport
  • Kingsam Express
  • Laguna Starbus (Starbus)
  • Mac Lines Inc. (Plying Montalban - Divisoria via San Mateo, Aurora Blvd. )
  • Mannrose Liner Inc
  • Ma-Fel Trans
  • Malanday Metro Link
  • Maluto Transport & Travel Corp. - known as IGAN The Friendly Bus plying Plaza Lawton(Manila) - Alabang(Muntinlupa)
  • Mangie Transport (sister company of Precious Grace Transport)
  • Marikina Auto Line Transport Corporation ( MALTC ) - One of the oldest bus company in the Philippines. Plying (Montalban - Baclaran via EDSA, Ayala, Aurora Blvd.), ( San Mateo - Baclaran via EDSA, Ayala, Commonwealth Ave., Batasan Road.), and ( Navotas - Baclaran via EDSA, Ayala ).
  • Marlea Transport (Undermanaged by Jayross Lucky Seven Tours)
  • Mayamy Trans
  • McArthur Express(operated by: JMA Transport/Kingsam Express)
  • Mersan (Snow White)
  • Metro Manila Transit Corp. ( MMTC ) - the first bus company owned by the Philippine government under the Marcos regime, established in 1981 during the Iran-Iraq War but the operation was crippled by the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986, and later became bankrupt in 1995. On the defunct MMTC shattered into four bus companies - United Workers Transport Corp. (Went bankrupt in 2009), DCOMMP (Drivers, Conductors, Mechanics Multipurpose) Transport Service Cooperative, Filcomtrans (went bankrupt in 1999), and Fastrans (went bankrupt in 2007).
  • MGP Trans
  • MJ Sunville Transport
  • NAIA Metro Link
  • NAFTI Transport ( sister company of Cher Transport plying FTI - Navotas via EDSA )
  • Newman Goldliner Inc.
  • Nicholas Albert Transport Inc.
  • Northstar Transport Inc. ( NTI )
  • Nova Auto Transport
  • Nuestra Senora Del Carmen Transport - Plying from Baclaran in Paranaque City, Ayala in Makati City and Cubao in Quezon Cityto the municipalities of Bocaue and Sta. Maria, Bulacan via NLEX
  • NS Trans
  • Original Transport Service And Multi Purpose Cooperative
  • Pamana Transport Services Inc.
  • Panda Transit Express
  • Pandacan Transport Service Cooperative-This bus plies the Quiapo-Pandacan and Alabang-Lawton route. HM Transport, Inc. acquired the Alabang-Lawton route and rebranded it as Pandacan Transport, Inc. The Quiapo route still exists independently.
  • Pascual Liner, Inc.
  • Philippians Bus Line Inc. - Sister Company of Newman Goldliner
  • Philippine Corinthian Liner Inc. defunct(franchise revoke). as of now it serves us as the McArthur Express route Alabang,Muntilupa - Malanday
  • Phil. Touristers Inc. - Subsidiary of JAM
  • Precious Grace Transport
  • Princess Youhan And Chrisa Transport
  • PVP Liner - Started operations in 1984 by the late Panfilo V. Pajarillo, which the bus company was named after. It was dubbed as the "Morning Star" before changing into "Rising Star" with its air-conditioned units in 1995, and it currently operates the Asturias (Lawton, Santa Cruz) to Ayala route via Taft Avenue, Buendia, and Ayala Avenue. The company also operated the FTI to Navotas Terminal route via EDSA, but it was sold to CHER Transport in 2006 and now operating under the name of NAFTI Transport.
  • Queenstown
  • Reinalyn Bus Lines Corp - formerly ALTRANSCO, it operates in Las Piñas City & Muntinlupa, plying route of Alabang (Muntinlupa) - Plaza Lawton (Manila) via Las Piñas, Coastal Road
  • RBM Grand Rally Trans, Inc. - a sister company of Jackpherlyn Transport
  • Royal Couple
  • Royal Star Transport, Inc.
  • RRCG Transport - a bus company that operated in City & Provincial, plying Alabang - Navotas via EDSA, Baclaran - SM Fairview via EDSA Ayala Taytay/Cainta - Quiapo via Ortigas Ave. and Siniloan - PICC via EDSA Ayala/Siniloan - Quiapo via JRU/Greenhills, Owned and operated by EMBC.
  • RS Master Inc. (owned by Northstar Transport Inc.)
  • Safeway Bus Lines Inc. (sister company of Vil 5000 Inc.)
  • St. Martin of Tours Trailways Inc. (sister company of Pamana Transport Services Inc.)
  • Sampaguita Auto Transport (Former RAMT)
  • Shanine and Pauline (formerly Erwin Express and Las Ninas) plying from Gil Puyat LRT Station in Pasay and Ayala in Makati City to the municipalities of Bocaue, Sta. Maria, Norzagaray and Angat in Bulacan via NLEX
  • Shem Transport
  • Taguig Metro Link
  • Tas Trans Corp. - owned by Tas Trans Group of Companies, plying from Alabang(Muntinlupa)/Pilar(Las Piñas) - Vito Cruz(Manila)
  • Thelman Transit (sister company of Aicer Trans)
  • Universal Guiding Star Bus Line (sister company of Everlasting Bus Co., Inc.)
  • Vil 5000 Inc. (formerly known as Vilfran Liner)
  • Valisno Express (former Gasat Express and also have a Provincial Operation)
  • Viofel Liner Inc. (former Astroliner Inc.)
  • Voyager Express Liner
  • Worthy Transport(HM Transport Group of Buses)
  • Unicab Transport
  • Universal Guiding Star Bus Line (sister company of Everlasting Bus Company, Inc. )
  • Yohance Express Inc. (operated by First North Luzon Transit and a sister company of Joanna Jesh Transport Corp)

I curse all their owners & all their employees, you are the worst human beings in the world!!!


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