Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Real Ange

I so disagree w/ this statement (from

And even if Kim were more famous than Ange et. al, doesn’t she understand that she earned that tape by leaking a sex tape, and then opening up her private life for public consumption? I’m not going to claim that Angelina is most famous for being an actress since obviously that’s not the case, but at least the woman and her slightly less famous partner Brad Pitt (86,300,000) make an effort to keep their personal life private.

Can you IMAGINE if the Brange let cameras follow them around all day? At first it would be heaven on Earth, but would this sort of demystifying access eventually cause the entire intoxicating construct to crumble? I say yes.

Angelina is a manipulator & uses her kids to get attention.  She leaks to the press the date & time of her playtime w/ her kids, of her family's travels, so they can get caught on cam.  She's trying very hard to be in the current times.  Now she's saying Brad's marrying her???  As if!

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