Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jaywalking...More Fun in the Philippines!!!

A couple of nights ago I happened to watch on the news that MMDA traffic enforcers somewhere in QC were having a hard time controlling jaywalkers.  They are concerned as the death toll for jaywalkers are rising.  Honestly I was shocked that that was a REAL CONCERN in the Philippines.  I always thought JAYWALKING IS THE WAY OF LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES.  But then again it may differ per city. 

Let us go to Taguig again perhaps.  Here is the usual scenario (actually less jeeps at this hour) at the FTI PNR station.  Again there are of course No Loading & Unloading signs where the jeeps happily use as their terminal & passengers happily load and unload them :)

As you can see there is supposed to be rails that are supposed to prevent people from crossing the streets, but these have been taken down at some points to give way to jaywalkers.  Of course it causes extreme traffic in the area especially if the train just arrived & let out its passengers.  Just less than a dozen steps are the "supposed-to-be" loading & unloading area that the Taguig government spent taxpayers' money on but now has become a parking area for jeeps.  And so the streets remain the loading & unloading area of the jeeps & buses even!  All these in front of Taguig traffic enforcers everyday (one day I actually saw a traffic enforcer stopping the cars to let the jaywalkers pass by --- just below the footbridge!!!).  Now I know where the Taguig taxpayers' money go --- parking lot for jeeps, decorative footbridges where the Taguig officials can hang tarpaulins w/ their names on it. 

*Photo of footbridge w/ tarpaulin, at the right side is the supposed-to-be Loading/Unloading area w/c is not being used, instead jeeps keep using the Taguig main road

I don't know, at least in Makati there are REAL NO LOADING/UNLOADING AREAS on their main streets (this is East Service Road by the way).  And this is conveniently located in front of Arca South (previously FTI), the supposed-to-be new BGC that Taguig is so proud of!  Wow, I pity all the buyers of those Arbor Lanes condo units --- this is what you have to deal with everyday!!!  Well I guess not all cities can be civilized!!!

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