Saturday, 14 June 2014

What It's Really Like in the Philippines

One of the things I really hate in the Philippines is that the street is being used as a terminal/parking lot or whatever the citizens want.  Just look at this area at Don Bosco Makati (Pasong Tamo cor. Pasay Road).

There are lots of policemen in this area everyday & they know these jeepneys CAUSE TRAFFIC just by making the streets their terminal...but they DO NOTHING! 

Now to make it much worse now that school season has started, I found out that schoolbuses also use the street as parking area.

Now if you are going straight to Pasay Road sorry for you.  You just have to wait for the left-turners (and the traffic light for this is green for ONLY A COUPLE OF SECONDS, letting pass 2 or 3 vehicles each time).  So no matter if it's a green light going straight to Pasay Road everyone has to wait because half of the street is now a parking space.

Oh and if you turn left at Amorsolo...guess what I saw...

Nice one GMA News TV!!!

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