Friday, 9 October 2015

2015 Is Not My Year

Why am I so unfortunate? I have been asking myself this question oh-so-many-times this's why:

1. After moving in together w/ my new husband this January I found out he is abusive. He shouts at me everyday...throughout the day for no reason...he curses at me and calls me names (stupid, tae, etc.)...he also was mildly physically abusive (batok, hampas ng basahan sa mukha, etc.).

2. Holy week of this year my husband admitted to me that he hangs out w/ gay men and does drugs.

3. My husband got extremely ill and died while I was 5 months pregnant.

4. Found out my husband died of aids.

5. Gave birth to my baby w/ a true knot. My baby was born w/ sepsis because of my OB's negligence. I had bleeding w/c endangered my uterus (hysterectomy). It's been 2 weeks since I gave birth and I still have not started recovering (I have an abscess on my perenium but my OB insists it is nothing...I still am unable to stand/sit/properly take care of my baby...and I am only getting worse :(

I have no idea why all this is happening to me. I also had a lot of issues at work but didn't list them down anymore =(


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