Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What If the World Will End Next Month?

Ok so let's have fun.  It's been awhile since I last posted here.  So I just thought...what if the world is ending next month?  What are the things I will be doing?

1.  Stay w/ my bf. 

I'll probably enjoy the rest of my time w/ him.  Lately I've been having 2nd thoughts about him (how he handles his money).  But if the world is ending I couldn't care less.  I wouldn't be afraid of ending up w/ him & supporting him the rest of my life.  I'll just enjoy the rest of my days with him.

2.  Enjoy time w/ family & relatives.

My family/relatives are coming home this Christmas.  If they all arrive in time before the apocalypse(?!) then I would make the most of my time w/ them.  Endless buffets & touring around malls in Manila, eating a lot, that would be fun!  It's fun to finally spend the holidays not being alone!

3.  I would resign.

If I could just get assurance that the world is ending next month then I would immediately resign (probably go on AWOL, what's the point of rendering 1 month notice if the world is ending already!).  Finally I wouldn't have to deal w/ all those little devils I'm supposed to be managing w/ heads bigger than most universes!  I wouldn't have to be plastic & near-vomit trying to be 'nice' to all these stupid & immature staffers!  Shesh!  If only I could earn as much w/o having to manage people!

4.  I would go shopping everyday.

The hell w/ savings!  I would spend all of my money enjoying them!

5.  I would go anywhere I've never been to.

I probably would stay in the Philippines since I don't have much time & wouldn't want to be away from my loved ones but I would go to different places everyday, what an experience that would be!

So probably it would be really nice if we REALLY KNEW when the world would end then we could ALL make the most of our remaining days!!!

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