Friday, 9 November 2012

6 Things People Who Never Got Promoted Will Never Know

Ok I have been addicted to & was inspired to write my own article.  However, it turned out to be too serious to be on a comedy site.  Yet I find it really useful.  Knowing that not many people read my blog anyhow I don't feel 'selfish' enough not to post it here.  You see, these tools are very 'useful' to go up and further your career.  These are things I have learned through the years & every other manager probably already knows by heart but cannot say directly to his/her staff.  So here it goes...

6 Things People Who Never Got Promoted Will Never Know:

  1. Go against your boss & you’re doomed no matter what

Staff-level employees who have mastered their ‘technical’ work often feel they know more than their bosses.  After years of pressing the same buttons at work they feel like they are geniuses in their own right.  They feel they have earned the right to know what should be done to run the company themselves.  They feel they have earned the right to disrespect their boss because they are stupid enough to think that what they know is enough to run the company.  Less do they know that 99% of the info are confined to management.  Attend a management meeting or two & you will not see a ‘smart alec’ talking offensively against the president of the company (at least not to his face).

  1. It is harder to be a boss than to be a staff

Many staff-level employees who never get promoted feel that their ‘technical job’ is harder than anything in the world & envies their boss who ‘does nothing’ but gets paid the big bucks.  Ask anyone who’s managing people if they are willing to do staff work instead as long as it’s the same pay & 99% would feel like they’ve won the lottery.

  1. You should not be proud that you have offended someone, you should be ashamed that you do not know right from wrong

Your boss cannot entrust you to handle people if you treat every relationship at work with contempt.  You can forever tell yourself that you are just being you and that you think it is but right to voice out your opinions (and disrespect other people in the process).  You cannot manage people if you do not know the right & wrong way if interacting with them.

4.  They have attitude problems

Most of employees who get stuck to their job level have ‘attitude problems.’  This is the very reason they never get promoted.  You see, an employee who commits errors can be coached to improve, an employee who thinks that he’s perfect will refuse to improve for the very reason he thinks he’s already perfect.  And no matter how many times their superior tells them this, from one company to another, they never listen.

  1. Their boss would fire them in a second given the chance (HR probably feels the same)

If not for the Labor code you probably wouldn’t have stayed long enough to warm your seat in every company who has mistakenly hired you. 

  1. Your boss is not satisfied with your performance

Managers are trained how to say things in a nice way so even if you’re a complete idiot, psychotic, or the worst human being in the world you end every one-on-one session feeling like you have some kind of value.  That is just how things are played.

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