Monday, 14 January 2013

The Mistress

Over the weekend I went out w/ a friend of mine who just LOVES being a mistress.  Again I found out that the man he's been w/ for the past couple of months that she said is separated is apparently still married, living w/ his wife & kids.  I remembered this article I recently read (

Time & again I have asked people what I should do w/ this friend of mine.  Should I talk to her & tell her what she's doing is wrong?  I got different responses.  Some said I shouldn't even be friends w/ her.  Others said I need not talk to her she's already old & knows what she's doing is wrong but she's doing it anyway.  There's just one person who told me that I should talk to her, my bf, & correct her.  Anyways I still have not talked to her or made SAWAY of her.  I was like, I don't know anyway if she's lying or not coz she will always start w/ THE MAN IS SEPARATED.  But eventually will admit he actually isn't.  Is there really something I should do?

If I were critical of a person or a friend there are so many things about her I should actually correct.  I actually think she has a psychological of a mental problem.  She is very proud when men make BASTOS of her.  She even flaunts abusive texts, etc..  She is also proud that she got sexually harassed every now & then & in all her workplaces.  She feels she's the prettiest girl in the world.  Although sometimes reality sets in & she asks, do men just approach me for sex?  Do men look at me & think SEX?  Honestly I can't say yes but one look at her, yes.  She looks just like the cheap girls who would let men they don't know PET them.  She will always say she doesn't like this guy or that but will not refuse to get touched or kissed by them.  I don't know what is wrong w/ her or what her sickness is.  But I know it is not just her fault but the fault of the husbands who MAKE PATOL to her as well.  I guess she's a dream come true to men.

Apart from being like this, when we are together she likes making sira of our other common friend.  Hindi ko alam if naiinggit sya.  I'm thinking she must be doing the same to me I guess, I just don't care.  I only hang out w/ her pag bored na talaga at walang magawa haha!  The last time we went out I noticed she just kept on commenting on each of the last posts/pix I posted on FB for the last couple of months.  Like when I post a gift, she will say she got a better one.  I don't know exactly what is wrong w/ her or what the specific medical term is for her sickness.  I just thought, would I rather be home & bored or make pa-sosy & hang out outside (sya nga lang ang kasama).  I thought, well, I don't have a perfect life, I should just make-do w/ what I can right now, sya lang ang nayaya ko lumabas hahaha!

But honestly maybe I don't correct her because I don't want to be alone.  You see we're both old (I think our age qualifies for being matandang dalaga it's just that I may not be called that way coz I have a bf & I look young, she also looks young plus is always w/ different men, so I guess matandang dalaga cannot be used).  Now since maybe more than a year ago I have decided that what I really want in life is to get married & have a family.  I have kinda thought that is what would really make me happy (just not sure hehe).  And having her, who will not get married, live-in, or have kids because she said she doesn't want to, probably I wanted her to stay the same, so everytime I get bored or lonely I have someone I can text once & is already DYING to go out w/ me (I know she never runs out of stories how awesome her life is, how happy she is w/ her life, & how many cute & famous men are running after her but she still dawns on me as really lonely, like a yapping dog who would come at my feet w/ just one text --- like she has nothing better to do).

Anyway, that's it, that's her story....

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