Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Why's

- Why people find Meghan Markle pretty/hot?
- Who watches Nikita, New Girl, Friends, 2 Broke Girls, The Next on ETC?  Who watches Nikita at all?
- Why the show Extra is popular?
- Why Randy is STILL ON IDOL?
- Why when Bryanboy became a judge on ANTM, his scandal was shunned?
- Why everyone in FB is posting about watching the Walking Dead?
- Why Rob is still w/ Kristen?
- Why Survivor is shooting 2 consecutive seasons at the same location?  (Caramoan, Philippines)
- Why Ashley Benson isn't as pretty as she was in Bring It On compared to how she looks now at Pretty Little Liars?
- Why do people like watching Be Careful W/ My Heart?
- Why do Filipinos believe all the 'gimmicks' of ABS-CBN?
- Why Jessica De Gouw doesn't look pretty but looks so pretty on Arrow?
- Why is Emily Bett Rickards pretty on arrow (w/ the geeky style) only?
- Why do the hosts of ETC shows act like statues & talk like robots?
- Why does ETC execs allow Patti Grandidge to act so insecure & mean when she's w/ Julia onscreen?
- Why is everyone focusing on guns instead of mental illness?

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