Thursday, 6 November 2014

Philippine Fail Blog

Omg I don’t believe this, the Philippine Fail blog has shut down!!!

To explain what this blog is, for those who don’t know, basically it’s a “therapy” blog for people who are frustrated w/ how Filipinos are.  Most of the readers & writers (since you can submit articles) are foreigners.  It’s an honest blog about the wrong behavior of Filipinos & Philippine society.  It’s a coping mechanism for a lot of it’s readers (so we don’t have to lose our temper living in the Philippines everyday).  So it is a HUGE LOSS for all it’s readers (at least that’s my opinion, like something died today :s). 
I am hoping one of it’s active readers will open a new & similar site.  I am hoping that FiloFail can at least open the blog so we can still enjoy the articles (w/c were submitted by the readers as well).  It’s a very sad day today.  I for one was helped a lot since I discovered this blog.  It helped in everyday anger management & road rage (driving around the Philippines).  Sad sad day L


  1. I didn't know this happened just months ago. I'm new to his blog and it's very active

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  3. Well, it's down, now.
    If it's permanent, then so be it. Time to move on...