Monday, 12 January 2015

Facebook Friends

Recently I had realized that not all my friends on Facebook are my “real” friends.  You see I just got married recently.  Obviously I have invited people I thought were my friends(?)  Now I was surprised when a lot of them didn’t RSVP at all (& showed signs they are not coming---or the lack of signs showed me that).  Reading articles on the net & feedback from the wedding coordinator showed that NOT EVERYONE comes on a wedding…a lot of people DO NOT SHOW UP.  Now what confused me then was all these people liking my wedding prep photos on FB.  Now this is after I have sent them my einvite (w/ NO RESPONSE).  So naturally I would message them about it if they are coming or not --- NO RESPONSE.  But time and again they keep on liking my wedding prep photos, etc..  It is weird.  Are those all for show???  I don’t know.  It is confusing to me as for me if I get to catch up & chat w/ a friend even just on FB I consider those conversations & moments “real.”  We are not just friends ONLINE or on FB.  We are FRIENDS, just as plain as that.  Now I know that isn’t true for everyone (or most people).  How can they ignore you but keep on liking your photos…commenting, etc..  For what?  Are we actors? Celebrities?  Are they only looking for fame??  I really do not understand.  I have heard an awkward story before about 2 people being FB friends and all but totally ignoring each other in real life…what is that?  I don’t get it but now I know…

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