Tuesday, 14 April 2015

All the Single Ladies...

I am amazed at how society (& everywhere not just in certain countries) highly value being married & having kids & ostracizes singles around the world. 


I grew up not wanting to get married.  I cannot imagine being w/ just 1 guy for the rest of my life.  And I hate kids & babies.  And in an 8-year relationship I decided to move in (live-in in Filipino terms) w/ my boyfriend.  It was a disaster.  He left me immediately & I had the burden of the monthly amortization & bills to take care of myself.  I had a realization at this time, that I shouldn’t be doing/planning things that are against God’s laws, like “live-in.”  So I changed.  I decided that apart from my career goals, my “other” goal would be to get married & have my own family.  I thought I was doing things right.


That same year (w/c I thought was already the worst year of my life before) I met my future husband.  We went on a blind date (introduced by a common friend).  I was comfortable & there was no dead air in our conversations.  However I was not “normally” attracted to him.  He was not my “usual type.”  He looked clean, like a “good boy.”  He was fair-skinned.  He was Chinese.  He was short.  He looked like the type of guy my parents & lola would like.  He looked like the type of guy my friends need not worry about.  As I left him that day I thought, “no, we would just be friends---I’m not attracted to him at all!”  But I reconsidered right then & there.  I recalled the 2 things I was looking for in a husband:  (1) someone who, when he gets married, will never ever separate from his wife no matter what & (2) someone I can be proud of.  He meets the 2 requirements!  Don’t ask me how I verified he meets the #1 requirement.  Just think of a “good boy” compared to a “bad boy.”  I mean, there are men you know are not the type who will get divorced right?  No matter what?  He is that type.  For #2 I had this requirement because my last boyfriend was hated by my family & friends.  So I guess fighting for the guy was too tiring so I thought about this requirement #2.  So I thought, he met my 2 requirements and for some reason I kept thinking about him that night & the following day---and the rest is history!


Now I am “unfortunately married.”  I realized what a big sham it is.  Just watching the latest Fast & Furious film showing Paul Walker supposedly finding “real happiness” w/ his wife & kid/s, what a sham!  Read this all you single ladies---marriage will NOT make you HAPPY!!!  It is WAY WORSE THAN BEING SINGLE!  What is fun about being a wife & having the burden of “carrying” your marriage??!  What is the fun in submitting to your husband???  What is the fun of not having freedom, not being able to do what you want.  There is no real benefit of getting married!!!  Unless if you’re a masochist and would love to live the rest of your life sacrificing, suffering & being miserable!!!  Life is meant to be enjoyed not to suffer & sacrifice constantly.  You should be able to do what you want w/ your life & not be obliged to sacrifice for another human being for the rest of your life.  So please married woman, stop fooling all these lucky single women that you are happy.  Single ladies…don’t be fooled like me! L



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