Tuesday, 14 April 2015

World's Worst Husband

Ok so I was thinking I married the worst husband in the world.  So I thought I would search the net to see if there’s anybody else like me who’s won the lottery (the opposite) on marriage!

Well yeah, it was pretty bad & the woman did not have much options considering the law & culture then.  But I can relate.  I pretty much had an ‘easy’ life.  I didn’t have “major-major” problems growing up.  So I guess this is payback time?!

Why do I think my husband is the worst?  Let me enumerate…oh wait, you have to understand 1st that I just got married & currently pregnant…so here it goes:

1.        He admitted that he goes out w/ gays.


He said this has been going on for years.  He said he never did anything w/ them.  He said he did because they give him money (it’s not like he needed the money). 


2.       He admitted that he’s doing drugs.

He also admitted he started 2 months before our wedding and that his family knows & that they decided to hide it from me.  I think this is also the reason why he tends to lash out for no valid reason at all.  He is emotionally abusive to me.  And he is starting to physically hurt me.  Threats are also constant.

So I guess I only needed to list 2?  And I already won having the worst husband in the world & the worst luck on marriage!

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