Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Last Performance Review

So recently I had a chance to do the performance review discussion w/ my former boss.  I really didn’t expect much since he never talks to me.  It’s nothing personal he’s just like that.  We never seem to get any time w/ him.  He just keeps on cancelling & rescheduling every meeting till you get tired of following up w/ him.  So I thought we wouldn’t get any chance to have my performance review discussion.  I was surprised we did.  I also wasn’t expecting much from him given that ‘nilaglag’ nya ako the last time.  You see I had this ‘kapalpakan’ end of last year when we had a VIP visitor.  Palpak ang presentation ko.  Since then he dropped me (kaya nga ‘former boss’).  He promised a new role for me then bigla na lang nidrop nya ako.  So wala na ako gana sa knya.  Anyway, he’s smart & I probably ‘learned a lot’ in the hour or so that we discussed.  So eto ang mga advise nya sakin (let’s just focus on the negative ‘coz that’s what I focus on all the time anyway hehe!).  O sige na nga, he had a lot of good things to say about me, like I’m an achiever…I’m like a ‘pitbull’ when I’m given something to do I am so focused & I ensure it’s completion.  He did mention that he really did defend me amidst my ‘other’ shortcomings, that he mentioned we have to focus on my performance & my achievements no matter how I relate to other people.  Anyway, here are my improvement areas:

-          Do not document anything that is against the rules na ipapahamak ako or sya.  Hindi raw nya talaga ako sasagutin if I ask something against the policy sa email or messenger.  He’ll just talk to me in person & I also have to make sure I cover my ass.

-          Be more sensitive towards other people.  He said we have the same tendency to rub people off the wrong way.  He kinda seemed like he thinks I’m not aware (but I am).  And I kinda liked it that we are the same (especially when I used to admire him before he ‘dropped’ me).  But now I realized it is not something he is proud of or he thinks is right or he doesn’t care about.  He says it’s something he’s been working on & it’s something I should be conscious about & work on as well.  He even mentioned I should seek feedback from others but not to the point of being paranoid.

-          He said I tend to focus on ‘small things’ & that it irritates people.  He said I should give those up.  These are simple things that I should just let go of.  He gave certain examples…kaya nga siguro may mga kaaway ako sa office at kaya siguro maraming may ayaw sakin hehe!  He said if I’m not getting any feedback/results I should decide myself & simply align w/ other managers.  And that I should ‘choose my battles.’  He said I should not make it so hard on myself :D

Anyway ayan lang naman ang mga advise nya sakin when it comes to work.  Ung iba more of career next steps, basta eto ung mga kelangan ko iimprove sa attitude/behavior ko or improvement areas.  He also gave some advise on my married life:

-          Men start planning their life after getting married.  Women plan their life until they get married…then their life is planned by their husbands

Nairita ako dito sabi ko ayaw ko ng ganon, sabi nya the sooner you accept it the easier it will be for you

-          He also advised that I choose to do what is right & I will be happy w/ my decision later on (I was thinking of leaving my husband na), sabi ko na lang sige antayin ko na lang when I will be happy

Anyway as usual I learned a lot again from him (w/c I didn’t expect pero ganon nga, marami syang one-liners na malaman & helpful sa personal life not just sa work life)…

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