Thursday, 6 December 2012

5 of your most treasured possessions

  • 5 of your most treasured possessions.

  • 1.  Hmmm, this is really hard, well it didn't say material bf

    Ok my bf is my treasured possession because he's mine hahaha!  Because I think he's a catch.  First of all he's a doctor & people think that is a catch.  I honestly don't mind it before when people mention things like...oh her bf is a doctor...oh there's a doctor who courted me, etc..  I didn't really care since I'm the 'I don't care' type of person anyway :)  But now that I have a bf who is a doctor people do REACT when they find out he's a doctor.  And when people ask me about my bf another friend would you usually say 'oh her bf is a doctor blah blah blah.'  But why is he a treasured possession of mine?  I guess coz personally I think he's a catch.  Because I'm old, I'm already 32 & still single.  Because he's about my age.  Because I like him a lot.  Because he's so nice.  Because he's responsible.  Because he's someone I can be proud of.

    2.  Another treasured possession?  That is hard...maybe my job

    I consider my job as a treasured possession because I can say that I earn a lot.  A lot more than I need, at least for now, because I am still single.  Earning at least 100k net a month is not bad.  I definitely treasure it.  At least just because of the money, to be honest, bwahaha!

    3.  Another treasured possession?  Hmmmm, my family?

    I don't know, at least I have a family.  That in itself I think I should value.

    4.  Another one???  Hmmmm, I can't think of anything more, maybe my brain?

    Maybe it's a treasured possession because I think I'm smart.  I can analyze things way better than others.  I think my thinking is advanced.  I can more or less predict what is going to happen or how things will be leaving others surprised.

    5.  What else?  I guess my bestfriends?

    I think they are a nice bunch.  I have one bestfriend from college whom I really really like.  She's just one of the nicest persons ever.  No hidden agendas just a pure heart.  I lover her!

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