Tuesday, 4 December 2012

CBCP, Twilight, & RH Bill

Ok now isn't this the most stupid article I have ever read.  And probably by the author's own admission "People were saying, “Don’t be quick to judge. You haven’t seen it. Be fair!”  And indeed, I haven’t. Said movie remains thankfully unseen by me as well as a few friends who have their sanity and dignity intact."


Ok so a lot of people actually judge w/o knowing all the details.  If you must know here is the CINEMA/CBCP review on Breaking Dawn (http://cbcpcinema.blogspot.com/2012/11/breaking-dawn-2.html).  A 3.5 out of 5 is HARDLY an endorsement. 

The author, this Lourd De Veyra who?, goes on a tirade w/o even seeing the movie.  You see I am not a Twilight fan.  And I really dread seeing these Twilight movies.  But everytime they come along someone somewhere will ask me to see it w/ them & what the heck.  So I've seen this movie & that's why I understand the points brought up in the review.  If you have seen the series you will know that Bella almost died giving birth to her child, which is probably what CBCP stands for, the value of unborn life.  And if you've seen the last movie you will see how they tried to defend this child's life as well as the life of the entire family (though not all blood-related) as well as everybody else's by exhausting all imaginable ways to avoid war w/c is probably what the review was pointing out. 

Ok it was probably touching on the RH bill when it came to the baby/child's life but so what?  Was CBCP hiding in any way that they are against this bill?  It is what it stands for.

I am also so tired of Catholics bashing the Catholic Church (I am not talking about the author but A LOT of other people out there).  If you do not stand for its beliefs then leave the church already please...

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