Sunday, 16 December 2012

Questions You Should Stop Asking

Taking off from this article ( I was surprised the USUAL QUESTIONS Everyone agrees shouldn't be asked...are not here...I am opting to write my own article to list them down :-D

1.  Why are you still single?

If you get asked this question you instantly want to KILL the person who asked.  In your mind "if only I knew why I wouldn't be!"  It's like saying...what is wrong w/ you???

2.  Bakit hindi pa kayo magpakasal?

If I were the man I would've proposed decades ago but since I'm the woman obviously I am ONLY WAITING.  Don't make it sound like I don't want to get married.  WE ALL KNOW I do...

3.  Bakit wala pa kayong anak?

This is extremely sensitive.  What if the couple has been trying so hard to get pregnant.  Worse, what if they already lost a pregnancy.  People, especially the elders...have some compassion!

Ok I guess these are all the DREADED questions of everyone who's ever been in such situations.  So I suggest if you can't think of anything to say try your best to STILL AVOID asking these don't know how much misery/desperation/depression/conflict you could be causing afterwards...

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