Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Go Demi Moore!!! ;)

I don't know why everyone's taking a jab at Demi Moore.  Or is it just the media outlets?  But why?  Why are they judging her for being desperate...if she is at all?  She is an older woman.  Much older than me & my friends and that is why I pity her.  It's like I know exactly how she feels.  Getting dumped by a much younger man.  Getting replaced.  Hello?  Women?  Don't you feel bad if you get dumped?  Don't you feel bad when you get replaced even if she turns out to be much less on the looks department?  How much worse could she feel that she is in the public eye & everyone's judging her in the process?  And having an ex-husband who seems to be ideal & also happily married as well???  Don't you understand?  Haven't you ever been desperate & alone?  I am sure ALL of you have been so why gang up on Demi???  I really don't understand all the hate.  All the news about her doesn't seem to match how she looks anyway...she's still hot!  So what if she enjoys herself in a party & dances???  And why is the tv media only showing pix of her where Lenny Kravitz wasn't minding her.  When you go to the net you will see multiple pictures which show Lenny was also into her.  And why say she was dumped by this younger guy when they weren't a couple anyway?  I really don't understand all the hate.  Can't you women writers/authors relate?  How would you have cope if you were in her situation & at her age???  I think she's doing just fine given the situation, pretty soon she will get over Ashton & grab a much hotter guy...you go Demi!  You're still much hotter than ALL your detractors!

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