Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5 things you want to say to the teenage version of you

  • 5 things you want to say to the teenage version of you.

  • So what age would this be, 13-19...hmmmm, what grade/level would I have been then, 1st year highschool to 3rd year college...hmmmmm.....

    1.  It is ok

    I was an 'unpopular' girl in highschool.  If I could say something to myself I would say 'it's OK.'  It doesn't matter.  Well, I need not tell this to myself because back then I think it didn't matter to me as well.

    2.  It doesn't matter whatever you are

    Back in highschool, especially in the early years, I was always TRYING OUT different personalities.  If I could talk to myself then I would say 'it doesn't matter whatever you are or whatever you want to be...REALLY.'  Because it doesn't really matter.

    3.  Take your studies seriously

    If I could talk to my college me I would tell myself to take my studies seriously.  Sayang kasi.  Studying is SO EASY compared to the REAL LIFE.  Sayang!

    4.  Enjoy your college years

    Maybe I really have enjoyed my college years but maybe if I could talk to myself & advise myself to enjoy even more.  Now it feels like it was the best years of my life.  Maybe because I have completely let go then & I had the luxury to.  I did everything I want...tried everything I want.  Risked everything.  Didn't care about anything.  I surely miss that life & that opportunity!!!

    5.  Just enjoy

    In general just enjoy your life, I guess that's what I would say.  Enjoy every experience.  Enjoy every person you meet.  Enjoy everything new you tried & just have fun :)

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