Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I Miss My Single Life

So Valentine’s Day is coming.  I remember when I was still single I tend to “dread” this day (well maybe not as much as the Christmas holidays).  Now that I am recently married I really don’t care that this day is coming.  And I really envy all the single people out there.  I don’t know why people keep on posting “happy photos” on facebook about being married (and having kids as well).  Now that I am married I CANNOT SEE what is HAPPY about being married.  It’s all suffering, sacrifices, & misery.  I wish I had been single forever.  I married late but still, my time as a single woman was not enough.  Now I never wanna have kids.  Why would I when I hear that’s EVEN HARDER THAN MARRIAGE ITSELF.

Just today I can’t see any other post on Facebook than all about my “friends’” kids, like they are really happy & too fond of them.  I cannot imagine myself having that feeling & I wish that day NEVER COMES.  Now that I am experiencing the hardships of marriage I NEVER want to experience even MORE HARDSHIPS from having kids.

I miss my single life.  I miss not being responsible for anything, the household, etc..  Only caring for myself.  Not having a “sensitive” husband that I always have to care for while he never cares for me at all.  Is it like this as well if you’re a man? 

I miss my single life.  I can’t imagine why I felt so lonely and desperate then, I had everything.  I had a maid (I mean my parents hired her).  I live at my parents’ house, I’m not responsible on fixing anything that is broken, I just have to “report” it.  I can spend my weekends how I want.  I can rest.  I am not stressed.  I can ACTUALLY REST at home.  I don’t use the office as my “resting place” or “peaceful place.”  I had an actual home L

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