Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Why I think MY WEDDING TRUMPED Marian’s & Heart’s

1.       I had a really cool photobooth ;)

2.       I had an amazing program…all guests had fun & most stayed till the end of the party or even after ;)

3.       I felt so loved ;)

4.       Flowers were THE WORST part of my wedding but were still BETTER than that of Heart’s & Marian’s…I guess I have better taste ;)

5.       I didn’t spend as much on my wedding gowns but my wedding gowns were prettier…I didn’t settle for Pinoy designers lang that’s why ;)

6.       Mine was classy, not trying hard or OA but fun ;)

7.       I looked better than they did & I didn’t even have as much professional makeup artists’ help ;)

8.       I didn’t have to spend as much as they did…I probably spent 1% of what Marian/Dingdong or GMA did…only 1M…and I barely spent half of that myself ;)

9.       I had a wonderful priest & supportive entourage (maybe Heart did as well)…but I think I have more friends than Marian ;)

10.   My cake…ahem ;)

11.   I have a bigger & better church ;)

12.   Mas bongga bridal car ko ;)

13.   Mas maganda ang motif ko ;)

14.   Mas maganda porma ng entourage ko ;)


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