Monday, 6 August 2012

Why It's Really More Fun in the Philippines...

I just saw this really stupid photo on FB.  Duh, do we need proof that buses cause traffic???  Everyone sees this everyday!  It's only our government officials who do not, weh?  All PUV's in the Philippines do this, be it buses, jeepneys, taxi's, tricycles, duh!  I think they should all be gone.  They should all be burned alive!!!

Kidding aside I am really at the end of my wits why our government cannot solve this very simple problem.  Why they can't implement loading/unloading zones, bus/jeepney stops, etc..  Well, we all know the police get bribes from these PUV's that's why they get away from all of this.  I like the comment about Bayani, yes he is the only one who has the balls to do the job (& probably Gordon) but because of politics he was taken out, thanks Pnoy!

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