Thursday, 9 August 2012

Personal Advice for Jen Aniston...

There's a rumor going around that our lovely girl Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux have split up.  How sad.  I so wanted to give her advise.  But realized that she knows more than I do.  I mean, she already walked down the aisle & I haven't.  The bad thing is she broke up w/ Brad when he cheated on her.  Sigh!  Well Jen if ever in this twisted world you would ever listen to me here are my advice:

1.  Be with a man who is your equal

I know you got hurt by the 'perfect' man.  But that isn't reason enough to date trash (John Mayer, Justin Theroux, this fat comedian in your 'The Break Up' movie).  It's not going to work no matter what you do.  You have to find another equal who is not a cheater.  You probably know that Gwyneth dumped Brad the minute he cheated on her.  So next time get an equal who is not a cheater & marry him!

2.  Don't fool yourself that you don't want to have a family & kids

Please, this is what every woman in this planet wants.  If I had known I wouldn't have been fooled by those feminists!  If they want to live a life of loneliness or denial then let them be!  Jen, if you really want to be happy & fulfilled then work to get this!

3.  Find the right man

When looking for a man remember to look for someone who is the type who will stay married w/ you no matter what.  You can see it in the man's personality.  You may not be 100% sure but really compare these men...

A No!  Most Athlete's/Players/Bad Boy Image/Unstable Personalities/Cheaters/Unconventionals
Yes!  Good Boy Types/Stable Personalities

*You may not find this man in Hollywood though but you are Jen Aniston!  You can get any guy you want!

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