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MMDA is only a pest in this country...since Bayani left...

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The MMDA are hypocrite

The MMDA are hypocrite
their boss MMDA Chairman Tolentino himself
threaten a barangay tanod and hit him captured on video as well (GMA).
check it at
Why does guys here did not react violently the way they did with Mr. Carabuena.
The think is, this might be considered abuse of authority or wrong because the guy is in power surrounded with a group of men.
He even took the tanods "batuta" and did not return it.
And now the same guy, the boss of MMDA is reprimanding Mr. Carabuena,
they are condemning Mr. Carabuena .
Of all people...
Why does Mr. carabuena getting punished while the MMDA got away with it?
That is because
it is more fun in the Philippines
only for people in power.
What argument will guys here can think of to defend the MMDA, both guys hit someone.
But the question is, what is worse?
An ordinary guy hitting MMDA or MMDA hitting a tanod ( a tanod legally carrying a baton in an area under their jurisdiction ).
The Filipino people reacted in social media condemning one but did not do anything with the other.
The entire Philippines is condemning Mr. Carabuenas is like the story in the Bible,
"those who did not commit anything wrong throw the 1st stone."
Yes he committed a mistake, but it is not a heinous crime, it is temporary insanity from road rage.
The guy deserves another chance,
he needs his license and permanently revoking it is unjust.
i mean, some drivers who caused accidents and death are able to retain their drivers license, and those are worse than what Mr. Carabuenas did.
He needs to be reprimanded but he deserves a second chance like all of us who all sinned and have short comings.
The MMDA chairman is not in the position of a higher moral ground to ask for the permanent revocation of this guys license as you can see in the video.
reprimand the guy but do not condemn him.
If any one here thinks otherwise, say your piece.
If this guy deserves a punishment like a murderer or a rapist, we should change the law of the Philippines to favor everyone in government.
Those in power are excused from prosecution and those who go against those in power will be punished like a murderer even for a petty offense.
At least Mr. Carabuenas apologized and admitted his mistake while the MMDA did not.
Between the two, Who then is worse?
Most MMDA and the Police select private citizens of the Philippines as targets of extortion from minor violation brought about by Public utility vehicles blocking most intersections in the metropolis.
Slowing the flow of traffic into a trickle.
Around 30 minutes of productive time are wasted of each Filipino going to work and going home on a daily basis.
They intentionally turn a blind eye on jeeps, buses, tricycles who commit repeated violations but become owl eyes when it is a private citizen motorist.
These are the reason of most traffic jams and road rage.
The Human density in Metro Manila is only 1/10 that of Hongkong, Tokyo, Seoul korea but the traffic here is 10 times worse.
This is because of the traffic managements in ability to control and apprehend public utility vehicles from blocking and constraining flow of traffic of intersections and roads by jeeps, buses, tricycles.
Instead of enabling 100 cars to pass for every traffic light cycle, only 10-15 cars does because of jeeps stopping right before and right after stoplights.
2 way roads becomes a 1 way street because of tricycles parking at every corner, making Billions of pesos worth of roads utterly useless.
Whats the solution?
Look at our neighboring country, They do no have jeeps and tricycles, and their buses do not stop where ever they want to, if they do something illegal, 95% of the time they will be apprehended and given a huge fine.
Our system does not work because traffic enforcer are being selective to the prejudice of private motorist.

***And that is why it's more fun in the Philippines folks.  But don't forget, these PUV's also pay bribes to traffic enforcers/MMDA to get away w/ their everyday traffic violations.  Some police officers even own these 'Filipino-Pride-PWEH!' jeepneys.  And who suffers again? the private vehicles because of the useless number-coding scheme, what a wonderful country to live in!

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