Monday, 6 August 2012

If I Could Live my Life All Over Again...

If, though this is something that will never happen, I were given the chance to re-do or re-live my life what are the things I would do differently?

1.  I will not get my hair permed.

     When I was a kid I got my hair permed, twice!  After the 1st time it was fine, I got my healthy hair back, but after the 2nd one, shesh!  It was all destroyed, it was frizzy & unamanageable!  I wish I hadn't hated my completely perfect straight hair who would just get a little wave at the ends to perfectly fit my face, yay!

2.  I will not go to the derma.

     Everyone I know who goes to the derma are either (consistently pimply) or, if they have a clear face, their skin is like Michael Jackson's.  So when I was young & I get a couple of pimples I would be such a brat & ask my mum to bring me to the derma.  Shesh, my face was ruined.  I have pimple scars to show.  I wish I hadn't done this.  I have a derma friend but really, this is such a useless doctor.

3.  I will not use tawas.

     Well maybe I was a good kid this time & I listened to my grandma who told me I should use tawas.  Too bad it wounded my underams & it went dark.   Haaaay!

4.  I will enroll in a better course in college.

     I took up Business Management.  My parents practically forced me to take up Accounting but I shifted later on to their dismay.  But I'm still very lucky they did not allow me to take Masscom or else, baka patay-gutom ako ngayon.  Wala naman talaga masyado effect saken ngayon coz I have a successful career but if I'd known better I would've taken a more useful course like Accounting or Engineering.  Ngayon alam ko na gaano kadali mag-aral compared sa pagttrabaho.  If I had only used a little of my time & effort to take my studies seriously it could've jumpstarted my career early on.  Well, over-all, I could've taken my studies more seriously.

5.  I would prioritize getting married & having kids

     Needless to say I am already 32 and still single.  Being financially stable for a long time & a woman, I don't really find any use to it.  If I had known I would've lived my life the other way around

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