Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Bourne Legacy in Manila...

Ok so I finally saw the Bourne Legacy movie after much heavy rains here in the Philippines.  Before seeing it I've already heard from several people na pangit sya.  At better daw ung previous Bourne movies.  So I wasn't really expecting because the only Bourne movie I really liked was the last one (3rd one w/ Matt Damon).  I never really got what's to like w/ the past Bourne movies. 

Anyway so the movie started & we were all excited to see Manila in the movie.  It took very long & a lot of long & boring conversations.  This is what I heard from the others, there isn't much action & a lot of talk.  Finally during the latter part of the movie Manila came.  It was good, I should say, Manila was shown very well in the movie.  What I mean is the movie showed somewhat what Manila really is (though not really the good side).  It showed PAL (Philippine Airlines) from the start.  Then they took a cab going to the company site.  The cab they took was an ordinary city cab.  Not the one you would get from the airport w/c are yellow & costs much more.  Of course I know in reality they would not go out of their way to go out of the airport & hail an ordinary cab.  The cab name was also 'Bayanihan' w/c is one of the so-called traditional Filipino words w/c kinda means brotherhood or helping each other.  Depicted in the old times by several men carrying mobile homes, helping each other.  I don't know how else to explain that.  Anyway, the factory they went to had employees w/ really clean uniforms.  Like they're all brand new, hahaha!  Well, wait, before they got in they spoke to a security guard.  Who, in reality, is a less-known theatre actor.  He spoke English very well, with an American accent.  That is not reality in the Philippines, security guards would not be able to speak English that well!  It went on even inside the factory when the American boss was giving instructions.  And the security guards were very responsive, w/c is far from reality here, hahaha!  Btw, the security guards who went on the basement to interrogate Aaron do not look like Filipinos ha!  They look like Indonesian or something.  After they got out of the place, they rented a room in a squatters area, what?  There are rooms for rent in the squatters area???  Now I don't know if this is reality, I mean, these people don't even own the homes, they are 'squatting'!  Now this showed the ugly side of the Philippines.  Do not believe that normal Philippine homes look like these.  These are illegal settlers who made homes out of cartons or whatever materials they could find on lands they do not own.  And I didn't know you can buy meds at a place like that, or if that's even safe.  Anyway, it is the first action movie I have seen wherein the chase scene on the streets happened on extreme traffic.  Now this is reality, that is how the traffic situation is in Manila everyday.  But really, when they called the Philippine police they immediately responded??  In reality the movie would've ended & they haven't arrived yet.  The movie kinda showed very efficient policemen.  But I like that the police cars & their uniforms are exactly how it is right now in Manila (& I would say the same for the security guards' uniforms earlier).  Anyway, the last scene was shot in Palawan I guess.  It's a wonderful place in the Philippines, too bad it wasn't shown much. 

So is it a good movie??? No, coz nothing happened.  When the movie ended my boyfriend said, it's the end, and I'm like, no it's not, nothing has happened yet, guess what?  It was already the ending...shesh!

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