Thursday, 9 August 2012

List of Celebrity Homewreckers - Let's all Boycott Them!!!

Here's a list of celebrity "homewreckers" just to remind everyone not to patronize anything they do, be it movies, records, tv shows, etc..  Not believe in anything they do be it charities, interviews, these people can never be trusted!!!

1.  Kristen Stewart

We all know she did not only cheat on Rob but she wrecked the home of Rupert Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross & their 2 kids.  So if you are going to watch the next Twilight movie just watch it for free via the internet, don't bring in more money onto her pocket, she can't act anyway.

2.  Angelina Jolie

Do not ever forget that Angelina & Brad cheated on Jen Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  And she also ruined Billy Bob Thornton's marriage!  Angelina can't be trusted.  No matter what.  All her family pictures with her kids are staged.  All the news about this couple are just their own press releases.  Don't bother watching their movies it's all trash, they just like making them sound like Oscar-worthy, etc. but they are just crap.  This couple is going down the drain.

3.  LeAnn Rimes

I need not tell you not to patronize her because it's been decades since she had a real career.  Just stop patronizing his beau's tv shows ok?

4.  Tori Spelling

All her projects are just like Kardashian projects except that they are boring ok?

5.  Natalie Portman

Do not ever forget that the ugly man she just married was living w/ his girlfriend when they started their relationship during the Black Swan movie.  Besides she's boring & overrated!

6.  Claire Danes

In case you didn't know she met met Billy Crudup on the set of Stage Beauty and Billy ditched his girlfriend of eight years, Mary-Louise Parker, and Claire left her boyfriend of seven years, Ben Lee. And Mary-Louise was seven months pregnant at that time.  Then Claire cheated on Billy with Hugh Dancy.  Anyway why am I bothering when she already lost her career.

7.  Regine Velasquez

I used to like her songs & admire her voice but eversince she stole the monkey, Ogie Alcasid, from his very pretty Australian beauty queen wife & 2 kids, I stopped patronizing her.  Besides she has grown fat & also lost her career.

8.  Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is the other woman in Swizz Beatz marriage to Mashonda.  Their affair lasted for 1 and a half years & Alicia Keys got pregnant while Beatz was still married to Mashonda.  Anyway, she as well also has no career right now.  Hope it will forever stay that way...

9.  Abbie Cornish

She ruined Ryan Philippe & Reese Witherspoon's marriage even before she had a career.  So where she is now?  Nowhere, just getting fatter by the day...

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