Monday, 3 September 2012

The New America's Next Top Model w/ BryanBoy!

This weekend I happened to see part of, I think, the initial episode of America's Next Top Model:  College Edition.  I got curious because of the college theme as well as knowing they have new judges.  I have stopped watching this show for the last couple of seasons.  It was getting to be a bore & the contestants seem to be getting uglier & cheaper.  Wow, was this a refreshing episode.  A lot of the contestants look like models (something new for ANTM).  And the new judges are good-looking & young.  Plus, I love Kelly so I'm looking forward to that.  Today I googled to get more details & I just learned that BryanBoy will also be at the judge's table!  Wow, kudos to you another Filipino gaining international fame!  I hope you make us proud!

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