Monday, 10 September 2012

It Should Not be OK to Mock People for their Conservative Positions!

This is what Lucy said regarding the taunts about the RH Bill ***Click to Enlarge***  I completely agree.  Why is it that in this age & time it is ok to call anti-RH Bill people as 'stupid'?  Can't these people have their own opinion?  Why are they openly mocked by society???  Where is the freedom of speech then?  Why is it ok & acceptable that pro-RH Bill people openly call them stupid?  What if I call you stupid to believe that RH Bill can cure poverty when we all know a person is poor because of his own doing???  Why are you forcing everyone to pay more taxes to pay for these irresponsible people's condoms???

The same happens in the US when someone openly rejects same-sex marriage...why?  Can't people have their own opinion about what marriage should be? 

Where has this world come?!!

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