Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Gratitude List

I have read somewhere that gratitude makes you a happier person.  Well that's really not something new.  We've heard that several times in the past.  I think Oprah is one of the advocates of that as well.  Recently my bf had raised that issue w/ me as well.  That I never thank him.  That he feels like I feel it's his obligation to do things for me.  He told me I should thank people more & it helps you.  Anyway, I just thought that as a post today I would write my own 'gratitude list,' the list of things I'm grateful for in my life.  So let's start...

1.  I'm pretty

I should be thankful that I'm pretty.  I don't need to put in much effort & I look better than most people.  I also look rich & classy w/o even trying.

2.  I'm earning at least 100k a month (net)

It may be regular for my contemporaries who worked in the same huge (if not the biggest) multinational company wherein I had my 1st job.  I mean we are all managers.  But I guess managers from other companies are not earning this much.

3.  I have a car

Ok it beats having to suffer commuting.  Which I never do & never did anyway.

4.  I can drive

Ok, if needed, I can always drive myself.

5.  Considerate neighbor

I just realized that my front-door neighbor is considerate enough not to block my driveway (anyway it's their fault they buy so many cars w/o buying enough parking space)

6.  I have household help

Ok that is not unusual in the 3rd world country that I live in but having tried out living alone on my own w/o a maid...I am grateful!

7.  I have dependable parents

Considering they are based abroad they are always w/in reach & would react immediately if ever I needed anything.  I even rely on them on things I should really be handling on my own.

8.  Responsible brother

I only have one sibling & I sure am glad he is responsible.  I don't have to deal w/ a 'parasite' sibling.  We are both responsible & financially independent.  I guess I should be glad our parents brought us up that way.

9.  Loving & mature bf

I have an MD bf who is responsible, way more mature than me even when he's younger than me!  He tells me when I act or behave in a way he doesn't like or offends him.  He's definitely making this relationship work.  And he makes me happy :)

10.  My bf's family

They have been very accepting & I feel that I truly belong.  I feel their support as if I'm part of their family already.  My bf's mum even gave me advise over the weekend on how to understand MD's more so that our relationship can last.

11.  My job

I guess I should be happy about my job.  My current boss is very lax.  We are given freedom to perform.  I just feel comfortable here like I couldn't ask for more.  But of course I would strive for a bigger salary...duh!

12.  Laws in the Philippines

I guess laws are not really followed here in the Philippines.  I know that's really a bad thing but I'm writing a gratitude list!  So I will write what I like about it.  I like that if you make a mistake you can just pay off the police, just like 99% of the citizens do for traffic indiscretions.  I guess here you can make everything go away --- and I am looking at how that is good for myself right now.  I know it can turn our to be really really bad :s

13.  The current president

I so hated Pnoy before the elections & during the start of his term.  But I will admit things are getting better.  The government offices are looking more decent now & also a little more efficient.  The economy is growing (I thought it was only GMA who could do that).  I see Filipinos getting inspired by his leadership so I guess this is something I should appreciate noh?

14.  Not much corrupt politicians

Ok I know there's a lot.  I even tried to create a collage of their pictures.  Fortunately I can't think of much corrupt politicians that this is the only one I came up with.

Ok I'm not just including corrupt politicians but also the 'useless' ones.

15.  My staff

I guess I'm happy now w/ my staff.  After the evil one left things have been better.  More positive atmosphere & interaction w/ each other.

16.  Colleagues I have lunch with

I guess I've learned to enjoy our talks more over lunch & their company.  It's not just anymore, we have no choice & no other people to have lunch with.

17.  My gastritis/hyperacidity

Ok, because of this I can't eat much & lost so much weight, so I can see how it's a good thing :)

18.  My latest lab results

Honestly I thought I was dying w/ an agressive form of cancer, good thing I was cleared :)

19.  My dogs

They reduce stress & bring some happiness to my home :)

20.  The internet

Something to do

Ok that is a lot, I am TOO happy now hehe!  Till next time ;)

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