Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mamie Gummer as Emily Owens MD

I am so curious about the new show 'Emily Owens, MD.'  Not only because I have been exposed to the medical world having an MD bf but also because namukhaan ko ang lead star.  She is this supposedly 'Legally Blonde' lawyer on The Good Wife.  Someone who looked really stupid but is obviously just being manipulative & turned out to be really, really good!  I was kinda surprised that considering how soft her voice is, she became an actress.  Only later to find out that she is actually the daughter of Meryll Streep...they probably have the same voice.

Also, googling about Meryll Streep I was also surprised that she is still married to Mamie Gummer's dad.  And before then she was living w/ someone until that man's death.  Sometimes Hollywood can still surprise you.  I didn't expect this from Meryll Streep.  Of course I would expect numerous marriages & divorces & that Mamie would only be, like, one of her daughters from one of her men whom she doesn't get much in contact with.  I'm also surprised & happy to find out that Mamie's husband is Ben Walker!  He's just so cute & his movie 'Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter' was surprisingly good!

A lot of surprises today! ;)

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