Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kelsey Grammer = Douche Bag

Kelsey Grammer is so annoying (!  Now usually the cheap one would be the one who would choose to be in a reality show, like Camille in Real Housewives.  But this scenario is so the opposite of reality.  Usually it is the woman who can't stop talking about how her ex is a douche-bag...and we kind of understand that, especially if the relationship ended because of the man's fault.  But in this case, Kelsey is the one who cheated.  All you cheaters out there, saying 'it hasn't been working for a long time' is not an excuse for your douchy behavior!  What you should do if it is not working is either make it work or end it before 'cheating'!  Wow!  Kelsey is in a world of his own where he's the one bitter & scorned when he is the cheater.  And he's trying so hard to place his current 'homewrecker' wife up on a pedestal she doesn't belong in!

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