Thursday, 4 October 2012

Most People would support the Rihanna-Chris Brown 'Balikan'

Saw this poll on US Magazine's website...

To be honest...and I'm not trying to be a good role model here, I didn't know if I would say yes or no but I'm really surprised to see the results.  Most people would support this reunion!  Honestly I thought Rihanna & Chris were the 'it' couple back then.  They both have really successful careers & both are really talented.  They were 'perfect' for each other.  And after what happened, to be honest, I had so much compassion for Brown.  He was my crush.  I didn't think (was I thinking?) he deserved to be treated that way & lose his career because of that (oh maybe I wasn't thinking!).  But until now I don't know.  Well, good for me, when my 1st boyfried beat me up, my feelings for him suddenly went away big time.  After that I didn't feel comfortable being hugged or touched by him so the relationship went downhill...which was good for me...I'm just so lucky I have THAT kind of reaction when someone beats me up!

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