Sunday, 7 October 2012

What's In My Bag --- A Wholesome Post

Ok since a lot of people have actually written articles or have done segments on tv that goes something like "what's in bag" I thought I'd do one myself.  I will actually literally open my bag now & see what's in there, hehe!  Ok, let's start w/ the things I have taken out of my bag already:

1.  Organizer Notebook

Yes, I have this organizer notebook, I don't use my phone or some other gadget because I honestly believe that technology causes my vertigo...somehow hahaha!  So I'd rather write down here everything that I need to do as well as daily reminders to myself, accounting of daily cash, etc..

2.  Eyeglasses

Yes I wear glasses when I need to, like when I use the tv, etc..  I was told by the doctor it's not really needed since the grade is really low but again, I get dizzy if I don't use it.

3.  Fan

Yes I have a fan in my bag.  You'll never know when it's too hot...and I don't want to trigger my allergies...

4.  Pen

Yes I have a pen.  If I remember something I make sure I write it down on my organizer...well this doesn't happen often...I remember a lot of things but am too lazy to write them down hehe!

5.  Transponder

Yes I have a parking slot so I have to have my transponder...

6.  Facial tissue

I am always ready if I have to do a #2.  I had constipation before & I am not stopping myself if I have to do it anywhere, besides, it's good for emergency purposes.  Plus I make use of it a lot of times if the toilet bowl is dirty, no need to buy a toilet seat paper...

7.  Wet tissue

Of course if I have to do a #2 I have to have this to clean myself up hehe!

8.  Wallet

No need to explain that

9.  Powder/Foundation/Makeup

Depends on what I decided I needed for the day for retouch.  Minimum is at least bring my baby powder :)

10.  Hanky

Yes I still use a hanky or maybe I don't really use it that much, I dunno but I still have them everyday :)

11.  Phone

Of course I have my phone...

12.  Medicine kit

Yes I have a small medicine kit or box or whatever that is.  Inside I have biogesic, nexium & dulcolax hehehe!

13.  Comb

Of course!

14.  Medicines that I need

Ok right now I'm taking meds for acid reflux till this gets completely fixed

Well that is all I have in my bag, aren't I a simple lady...

So this is how blogging will be since the Cyber Law...

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