Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tumblr Challenge #2: 5 things you want to do before you die

Ok now I'm on Tumblr Challenge #2...

  • 5 things you want to do before you die.

  • 1.  Get married

    Of course I want to get married.  I am saying this now because I have found the man I want to marry.  It's ironic now I can't even imagine why I never wanted to get married before.  I was in an 8-year relationship & I didn't want to marry my ex. 

    2.  Have kids.

    Ok I NEVER wanted kids before but now that I've met someone I want to marry & have babies w/ hahaha!  So this is definitely something I'd want to do before I die...

    3.  Buy a huge & beautiful house that is not that far from civilization

    This is something I would want to do before I die together w/ my husband.  I want it to be huge, not a condo unit.  I want it to have nice interiors done by an interior designer.  And I want it near not in Laguna or Antipolo & not even in Alabang or in Sucat.  Maybe in Taguig, Pasig, if we can afford, in Makati?

    4.  Have a successful business.

    I haven't even started yet but I want to have a successful & stable business.

    5.  Become a general manager.

    Yes I want to be the president of a multi-national company here in the Philippines.

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