Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Romney Won the 2nd Debate

Ok so I'm bored again & browsing the net, good thing I opened this new good site I found (sheknows.com) & saw a headline on the 2nd presidential debate in the US.  I was kinda waiting for this.  I don't like watching videos much so I googled transcripts just so I can read a 'fair' news/info.  Unfortunately the links to the transcripts took very long to open so I just googled '2nd presidential debate.'  I was scrolling down & can only find one CREDIBLE site...yahoo...so here it goes:  http://news.yahoo.com/highlights-2nd-presidential-debate-034614418--election.html

As I was reading through the article I was kinda wondering why NOTHING was mentioned about Romney & it was ALL ABOUT OBAMA.  Afterwards, reading the comments, probably 90+% gave the same opinion, Romney WON the debate.  The article was so BIAS.  We should turn to Fox news...

The Americans' eyes are wide open.  They are not as vapid as Filipinos.  Obama was able to FOOL them for a couple of years but seems like it's gonna be OVER soon.  Let's see, I don't know what will be good for the Philippines & Filipinos anyway...

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