Monday, 8 October 2012

Bawal nang Mag-Isip...

Ok so I still can't get over the new CyberCrime Law in the Philippines.  I kept thinking about the posts/comments w/c are now considered libel & criminal.  Here are some examples:

1.  Epal Watch - it is libel because it defames the politicians/gov't officials who are subjects of the pictures/comments, so if you are an ordinary person like me, STOP commenting how epal these politicians are, this is no matter if PNoy himself have instructed these politicians to remove their EPAL posters, PNoy did not mention it is right for netizens to criticize them...

2.  Kotong Watch - it is libel because it defames the traffic enforcers & MMDA officials & the PNP, it defames them when ordinary people expose their 'pangongotong', so everyone please stop reporting all the 'kotong' incidents you have encountered on websites/comments, this is libelous now in the new martial law

3.  Sample FB Posts

     Bwisit na Meralco ito walong oras ng walang ilaw sa amin! - this is libelous, you are defaming Meralco, please do not say anything BAD about anyone or any institution ok?

     Hay nako wala na namang signal ang Globe! - this is libelous because you are destroying Globe's reputation

     Hay bwisit ung pulis kanina sa XXX hinuli ako wala naman akong ginawa...manghihingi lang pala ng pangmeryenda - this is again libelous please do not say ANYTHING NEGA about anyone ok?

     Ay grabe si PNoy binayaran ung bail ng bago nyang appointed na Comelec commissioner! - need I say more?

4.  Sample Comments

     Article of Tulfo about perfectly fine roads being reconstructed in the province so 'officials' can get their kickback, comment on article:  Sir Tulfo ganyan din po dito sa barangay namin sa Makati, may nakapastel pa nga na mukha ni Binay eh, paulit-ulit lang din ang pagsira at pagreconstruct ng mga kalye - teh gusto mu makulong?

     Article about supposed plagiarism of Tito Sotto, comment on article:  Anu ba yang senador na yan nakakahiya!  Parang walang pinag-aralan - eh kaya nga ininsert ang libel prov diba?

     Article against CyberCrime Law, comment on article:  Ano bang mga senador yan ung RH bill hindi maipasa-pasa tapos ito biglang iaaprove parang mga di lang nagiisip - teh ikaw ang bawal na magisip starting today ok?

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